HOLLYWOOD—There is nothing like a great catfight in the soap opera arena, and two enemies who have never gotten along went to battle last week over their daughters and a guy named Ridge Forrester. Brooke Logan has been off the canvas recently to handle some business, but when she returned home she got an eyeful that she never expected when she saw Ridge and Taylor locking lips.

Yeah, Taylor didn’t know that Brooke was watching and neither did Ridge. After he departed, the fiercest Logan of them all swooped in to give her frenemy a taste of her own medicine. Not only to Brooke read Taylor the riot act, she ensured that Taylor fully understand her request. Taylor seemed to be ambivalent to Brooke’s request and dare I say I was pleased to see it. It’s always nice to witness someone not just cave to another’s demands.

The question I have to ask is rather Ridge feels drawn to his ex-wife and the mother of his children? It is only further impacted by the fact that the Forrester world is in complete disarray with the passing of Caroline, and Douglas and Thomas attempting to grapple with that loss. The ladies traded a few hands, and I really thought the claws were about to come out in full force. Just witnessing Brooke point that finger at Taylor forehead sent chills down the spine; Brooke was ready for war and when it comes to family, especially Hope she will not take any prisoners.

Brooke’s irritation was further heightened upon learning that Taylor’s endgame involved Hope and Thomas reigniting their past love and Steffy and Liam being reunited. At first I was all against Hope and Thomas, but as the story moves forward, I can absolutely see these two as an item. However, there is one major hiccup that no one has prepared for: Beth is very much alive. That secret is still tight-lipped, but with Flo in the mix for the long term, I feel solid relationships are about to see major ripples.

I mean Quinn was on cloud nine to see Flo, just as Sally realized that she is the odd ball out. Could Sally see her heart broken once again? It sure seems that way, especially with her decision to stay with Forrester and abandon the notion of starting a fashion house at Spencer Publication alongside Wyatt. Flo is in town, Zoe is pushing buttons and making the istuation even more twisted was the arrival of Flo’s mother Shauna portrayed by actress Denise Richards. It seems Quinn and Shauna were quite chummy and Shauna has been tight-lipped about who Flo’s daddy is. Could her father be someone already in town? I feel we are headed in that direction America.

Liam seems to be slightly drifting from Hope, with Steffy off to Paris because her portrayer Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is on maternity leave. With that being said, I don’t expect this baby bomb to come out any time soon. When it does, relationships will be tested in epic proportions. The only other news worth discussing is the repairing of Bill and Katie, not for the second time, but the third time America. The writers are entering familiar territory once again and I don’t see how this is going to present meaty material for Heather Tom or Don Diamont because we’ve been down this route so many times what can they throw at the audience that we have not already seen?