HOLLYWOOD—Well at last, the secret is out on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Yes, that’s right people. Brooke Logan has finally learned that Ridge, her hubby to be, has been secretly canoodling with Quinn Fuller! To make matters worse for those of you not indulged in the soap world, Quinn is the wife of Eric Forrester, who just so happens to be Ridge’s father. After weeks of what at first appeared to be an innocent crush, and a ploy to oust Quinn from Forrester Creations, Ridge and Quinn developed a sexual chemistry they could not deny.

I mean Ivy was the first to discover the ruse between Ridge and Quinn, and then suspicions were raised by Charlie and Pam, and later Katie. So I will admit I was praising the powers that be that it was BROOKE, not Katie who caught Ridge and Quinn embraced in a kiss the day before her wedding. Brooke as far as I can remember has always been pretty faithful to Ridge, now I might be wrong, but I know we’ve witnessed on more occasions than I can count of Ridge betraying what many deem to be his one true love.

While this is glorious news for Bill Spencer, I mean the guy has been graveling for Brooke to give him a second chance. Wait. He could have married her a few months back, but he pumped the brakes on their marriage when Ridge suddenly professed his love for the woman who has had his heart longer than I can count. Expect Bill to play hero, but at this point, Brooke is so heartbroken she might need a moment to herself.

Watching Quinn do her best to ‘explain’ that her relationship with Ridge was laughable; nothing important, Quinn not even Brooke is that dumb. I was hoping Brooke would deliver a slap or two across Quinn’s face in her fury, but that was not the case. Just like typical soap fashion, Brooke ran to spill the beans to Eric, but was interrupted by Quinn and Ridge who barraged into the room like maniacs. Ugh! That means we can expect this secret to at least drag out for the week, before Eric is clued in to the fact that Quinn has been messing around behind his back, not to mention Ridge has betrayed him yet again.

Ridge has done some heinous things to his father, but this might truly be the one transgression that puts an end to their relationship. No offense, but biologically speaking Eric is not Ridge’s father, and it just dawned on me: Ridge just did the same thing to his brother, Rick, by hooking up with Caroline. Thomas’ accusations that his father is indeed a womanizer are spot on people. I can only imagine the backlash Ridge will receive from Rick, Thomas, Steffy, and so many others. Speaking of Steffy, finally Liam and Steffy are married. I’m hoping this puts an end to the ongoing back and forth between the couple and her estranged hubby Wyatt.

My fingers crossed on the possible return of Hope Forrester to really implement some much needed drama on the soap. It seems like everyone is so happy, and there is nothing that creates drama more like a third wheel. I mean Brooke’s destruction of a marriage is the perfect scenario for Hope to swoop back into town to cause a little mischief people. With Quinn’s life falling apart there is no telling what this woman will do. I mean she has done nefarious things in the past, but the fact that she appeared truly happy and to have that taken away could cause her to unleash wholly hell in ways that “Bold and Beautiful” fans never expected!