WESTWOOD—The UCLA Bruins got their season off to the right start with a win on Saturday against Memphis, 42-35. UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley passed for 396 yards and three touchdowns in the game to seal the victory. The game was indeed a nail-bitter as Memphis did everything in their power to upset the Bruins during the fourth quarter.

UCLA scored the first touchdown in the game, but that was quickly followed up by a TD from Memphis to make the game 7-6. The Bruins would respond with another TD giving them the lead 13-7. In the second quarter, Memphisresponded with two touchdowns, but the Bruins responded with two touchdowns of their own and a two-point conversion to give them the lead 28-21 at half-time.

Memphis was non-existent in the third quarter, which allowed the Bruins to earn another TD adding to their lead 35-21, which only fueled the Bruins’ opponent to fight harder. Memphis scored 2 touchdowns in the fourth quarter to tie the game 35-35. The Bruins knew the only way to victory was to score a touchdown or field goal and Duarte caught a 33-yard pass from Hundley to secure the game for his team.

The Bruins will next face the Texas Longhorns on September 13.