STUDIO CITY—On Thursday night of June 10, Al Shelton also known as the “western artist to the stars” was robbed of his most prized possessions at his shop in Studio City.

The 89-year-old cowboy artist was reportedly hanging around the store when he heard a distinct noise around the specified time of the incident. Shelton’s vision of the thief, however, was slightly impaired considering the fact that the disturbance happened at night fall and reportedly he wasn’t wearing his prescribed eyeglasses.

He did, however, recall the suspect as being a tall man, whom he claimed he saw walking out of his shop carrying one of his music amplifiers. News reports have also stated that the burglar fled the scene with some of Shelton’s classic guitars, [his] Gene Autry statue, and most of Mr. Shelton’s custom-made belt buckles.

“He wiped me out. He took all of my best stuff,” Shelton commented after the incident. However, he has also stated that he has no intentions of closing his establishment as a result of the incident. The burglar’s identity also remains unknown. The investigation of the incident is ongoing.

Over the last five decades, Shelton has been creating works in carved leather, bronze, silver, watercolor, and oil, according to his online bio. Several pieces of his artwork are even available on display at the Autry National Center and his traditional western art shop has been in existence for more than 67 years to date.

Shelton will also be celebrating his 90 birthday on this Sunday, June 20, at the ANC.

To read more of Al Shelton’s bio, visit online at, or visit the Autry National Center (formerly known as the Autry Museum of Western Heritage) to view his current works on display.