UNITED STATES—On Sunday, June 7, art dealer and author Forrest Fenn announced that a treasure he hid deep in the Rocky Mountains a decade ago has now been found.

Fenn, who resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico, hid the treasure in 2010 leading some 350,000 enthusiasts on a unique treasure hunt.

“There Will Be No Paddle Up This Creek.”

Fenn, after being diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1989  decided to leave a legacy behind. He survived his diagnosis. The treasure stayed hidden for 10 years.


Fenn  began writing “The Thrill of the Chase” as an autobiography, though it’s a memoir. There is a poem within the book that Fenn indicates if followed, would lead to the buried treasure. Fenn is also the author of “Too Far To Walk” and “Once Upon A While.”

A film has been produced called “Finding the Blaze,” Tim Dunlap’s search for Forrest Fenn’s Treasure. Detailed art depicts clues found in the hunt.

Well produced short film. I believe a lot of searchers have got to their spot and instead of thinking they could be…

Posted by Forrest Fenn Treasure on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Fenn used his website to describe pre-Colombian animal figures, a treasure chest of gold nuggets and coins, Chinese jade faces and emerald rings, a treasure Fenn indicates was a $1.5 million find.

The man that discovered the treasure has chosen to remain anonymous. Fenn’s only request was whether the treasure was kept or hidden once again, the legend lives on for others to enjoy “The Thrill of the Chase.” Additional details can be found on Faceboook @forrestfenntreasure.