UNITED STATES—This weekend something amazing happened to me and it rarely happens. I’ve been working adamantly to get back to my screenwriting, when I have free time. I don’t get much time, but I tend to have a few hours Saturday and Sunday nights. When it comes to ideas I formulate them in my head and I continue to formulate them until I have a complete story (the beginning, middle and end), once I do I start to put everything done on paper.

That’s my process; I’m not like most people because when I start writing a script (especially when I have the full story in my head) I will NOT stop that first draft until the entire script is finished. Sounds crazy, but it works for me. Lately, I’ve had three ideas circulating in my brain: one for a horror flick that delivers a twist on a classic, another being a drama where life imitates art and the third being an original idea for what I deem an intense thriller. If you think I’m going to share those ideas for those movies, think again, it won’t happen here people. With that said, I had been constantly thinking about the ending for the thriller and out of nowhere, the twist, the idea came to me and I couldn’t believe it. I grabbed my journal and jotted it down quickly. Normally, I would NEVER do that, but because I had been knocking my brain trying to figure out the ending I didn’t want to lose it.

I was giddy with the idea because it was something that I had never thought about, but it just worked so perfectly I could NOT believe my brain was blocking this or that I did not see it sooner than later people. However, this idea has totally crafted the script that I had been struggling with. Now that I have the beginning, the middle and the end, I’m starting to formulate the story on paper with a few tweaks along the way because the ending now impacts the beginning and the middle to a degree people.

The excitement I have to get this script fully written and then edit the draft is epic people. It’s a sign that sometimes the more you think about things the more frustrated you will become. Sometimes you just have to let things come to you. I think as a storyteller that is sometimes difficult because you want to craft the story and if you cannot you get frustrated, but sometimes the ideas come to you when you least expect it, which is something that I have discovered people. Am I happy with the result absolutely, because this idea has been floating in my head in a few years and I can FINALLY state I have a complete story!

This is not just for the writers; this is for anyone who has an idea. If you have something that is cooking or stirring in the brain, jot it down. You might believe you can keep that idea fresh in the brain without forgetting, but you never know what other stimuli might enter the brain and cause that idea or thought to dissipate into thin air. You might have an invention you’re thinking of creating, doing something to make the clutter and stress in your life less disorganized and stressful.

What I’ve learned in the last week is the brain is an amazing organ. I’ve always known it to be complicated full of intricacies that we still don’t understand, but at its core it stores memories, it helps with cognition, everyday functioning, hell, survival and with that said it is also a place where ideas are born. Trust your thoughts people.