HOLLYWOOD—Even celebrities like to make more money. Leave it to the Snoop Dogg, to release a cookbook called “From Cook to Cook.” The rapper is set to release the book in October, which will include some of his favorite recipes, including Lobster Thermidor and of course gin and juice.

The 46-year-old said: “I’m takin ‘the cookbook game higher with a dipped and whipped collection of my favorite recipes, ya dig?” This will be his second culinary exploration after the success of his and Martha Stewart’s show “Potluck Dinner Party.” If you think Snoop’s book seems like the weirdest celebrity venture ever you may have to think again. Let’s look at some of the celebrities that ventured out:

Kim Kardashian’s toilets, out of respect for her, there will be no jokes about her career and toilets…..However, back in 2010, before she was the global business and fashion icon she is today, Kim partnered with the brand Charmin and opened some toilets for them in New York. In a statement at the time she said she was happy to join the brand “as they give the gift of restrooms near Times Square,” and even though it doesn’t sound like something Kim would normally say, you can’t put a girl down for trying to earn a bit of money.

Of course, it would have been a different story if she had ventured with Toto toilets. Toto is the largest toilet manufacturer with some of their toilets going for over $4,500. The company is based in Kitakyushu, Japan, and owns production facilities in nine countries. The Toto Washlet is an innovative toilet seat that features an integrated bidet.

So we all thought Kim Kardashian-West was the queen of self-promotion? Turns out we’re wrong and it’s actually Danny DeVito. Back in 2006, Danny appeared on US talk show “The View” and seemed to be quite inebriated. Apparently, it was because he had been drinking limoncellos with George Clooney (seven in fact) and what better way to turn a negative into a positive than to bring out your open brand of the lethal Italian liquor.

Than we have Bill Wyman’s metal detector. You would expect the former bassist of The Rolling Stones to be spending his free time trashing hotel rooms, partying in some of the world’s glamorous locations and spending his hard earned cash in exclusive designer boutiques. Bill isn’t about that kind of life and instead really enjoys archaeology. So much so, that he brought out the “Bill Wyman Signature Detector”- perfect if you want the satisfaction of finding your own buried treasure.

Not to sound morbid, however, if you’re a fan of legendary American rock band Kiss and want to somehow incorporate them into your funeral…then look no further than Gene Simmons and his bandmates who have kindly created the perfect product for you. The Kiss Kasket, (no pun intended) was first released in 2001 and is a real coffin decorated with pictures of the band and their logos. It was discontinued in 2008, but then brought back again in 2011-perfect for setting ‘Heaven on Fire.’

When you think of Donald Trump, you think of the President of the United States or remember him from “The Apprentice.” All that comes to mind-not that he had his own brand of steaks. No joke, he did. Trump Steaks was launched in 2007-with the man himself appearing on QVC to promote his product, which consisted of burgers and sausages. But it was to little avail: “the world’s greatest steaks” were discontinued after two months despite having a starring role on “The Apprentice” itself, where contestants came with Trump to promote his line of meat.

Those steaks would have come handy for this weekend, when many people will be celebrating Labor Day, with barbecues since it will be a long weekend for many. A lot of people will be a part of the not laboring too much on the holiday. LA’s biggest Labor Day Weekend Day Party takes place on September 1, at 6021 Hollywood Blvd, in Los Angeles. It’s free with RSVP, since it’s a limited guest list. Lawn party, food trucks and giveaways, featuring Sony Music Artists EC Twins & Secret Special Guests. LA Fleet Week-Port of Los Angeles runs from August 31 thru September 3.

It officially marks the end of summer, the three-day holiday weekend is packed with great events, from free concerts to festivals, parties and college football. Free to the public, the event features public ship tours, military displays and equipment demonstrations.

Rose’s Scoop: Alec Baldwin confirms his exit from the Joker movie, citing scheduling issues. Baldwin had been reportedly cast to play Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas.

Wishing everyone a Happy, Safe Labor Day Weekend!