Melrose­­–The protests in Los Angeles have begun on May 27. With the demonstrations turning peaceful this week, many businesses among the county begin to take down plywood boards and reopen.


For the last few weeks, many stores have been destroyed as looters broke windows, stole merchandise, and caused huge damage. In order to prevent more serious lootings happening, many shop owners have temporarily closed the stores and put up plywood boards during the ongoing protests. Since protests remain peaceful this week, many businesses are preparing to reopen.


Los Angeles County ended the curfews as of June 4 and California National Guard Units left Los Angeles on June 7. “I’m proud L.A. residents are leading a peaceful and powerful movement to build a fair, just, and equitable city,” said Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti.


“In alignment with Los Angeles County, gyms and fitness centers, museums, galleries, hotels for leisure and day camps, and their pools within the City of L.A. may reopen Friday. Film, TV, and music production can resume. Stadiums and arenas can resume without spectators,” said Garcetti on Wednesday, June 10. He mentioned that business owners who plan to reopen the stores need to follow the County’s detailed public health protocols. In addition, physical distancing and wearing face coverings are required.


“There are still many types of businesses and activities that will remain closed: nail salons, tattoo shops, bars and wineries, movie theaters, concert halls, arcades, and bowling alleys,” said Garcetti. He stressed that gatherings and parties either inside or outside, are still not allowed.