UNITED STATES—I think it is the one thing that we all dream about, well at least most of the people I know think about it. What am I referring to? The notion of purchasing your first home! It is considered a milestone for most Americans and something to really toot your horn or be ecstatic about. Purchasing a home is NOT easy. It requires saving a decent amount of money, paying off debt, sometimes talking to a realtor, looking at homes, adjusting your spending habits and so much more.

However, with all the stress that comes with purchasing your first home, there are tons of joys that come with it at the same time. I mean you have something that is YOURS. You own it; its collateral, it’s a tradable commodity. I mean a car is great, but a car is nothing like a house. You can use it to purchase things if need be, but a house gives you a lot more sway and opportunity to change dynamics as you need them. Many of you might be asking why I’m discussing the perks of owning a house or better yet purchasing your first home. Well, it’s simple; I’m actively searching for my first home.

It is something that is a long time coming and I seriously cannot wait to sign the papers and to have that deed in my hand. Why? It’s a major milestone/accomplishment for me. You work hard in life, you sacrifice so much thinking that the things that you want will never come to fruition, and to see something that you worked with ferocity towards start to manifest in front of you just delivers a feeling that is impossible to describe with words.

I mean the ideas jumping through my head right now are full of excitement! Having the ability to come home and not have to deal with other people that you just want a break from. Being able to wake up and go to sleep as you please without any distractions. No longer having to worry about dogs or pets that are not yours, should I continue? When you have a house its proof that you have attained something, but that is not to discredit those who don’t have a house, it just means they are likely still working to make that thing happen.

The things inside my head regarding my first house are never-ending. I’ve dreamt of laying out the kitchen of a lifetime because as someone who likes to be in the kitchen, getting the opportunity to customize it the way that I want to leaves me in stitches. First order of business: a countertop with plenty of space to prep food. I have to have a decent sized kitchen, anything small just won’t cut it for me. I want to be able to move with ease, prep dishes without worrying about being overwhelmed and entertain without my guests feeling as if I have abandoned them.

The same lies for the bathroom, fingers crossed on finding a home that has at least two full-bathrooms, but I’ll settle for one if need be. That is the thing about purchasing your first house, you’re not going to find everything you want without a bit of compromise, and if you’re not willing to compromise that simply means you’ll spend more out of your pocket to get the things that you want and it could delay things. That brings my attention to the notion of a: move-in ready home vs. one needing a bit of renovation.

I’m open to both, but I will admit the idea of taking something that may not look so great and making it better than what anyone ever expected is a fun idea to say the least. Not only are you able to save a bit of money when it comes to your house, but you’re also able to put those unique touches that you specifically want to make everyone know that this is indeed your house.  Becoming a homeowner is the quintessential American dream. While it doesn’t always happen for everyone for those that it does it’s a feeling that is difficult to put into words.