UNITED STATES—Nothing is more frustrating than spending hundreds of dollars each month for content and to never have anything worth watching on Cable TV. It is frustrating as hell America, and my Cable provider bugs me to high heavens not focusing on providing a decent rate and ensuring the consumer receives ample content in the process.

I probably spend over $200 a month for cable, internet and home phone. Don’t ask me why I still have a home phone, but it’s a good thing to have when you have to deal with a cell phone that has bad service. My issue boils down to Cable TV, which seems to have all this weird packages as a way to force the consumer to opt into this and that and this and before you know it your bill has ballooned to an unbelievable rate. It is downright annoying and frustrating as a consumer.

There were channels that I adore that just randomly vanished without my provider giving me the slightest notice that that was no longer part of my package. That is damn annoying because you’re thinking the initial package you signed up for you’re still paying for it, but you’re missing a ton of channels in the process. Is that fair America? To be honest it is not. Why aren’t Cable providers allowing consumers to pick and choose what channels they want ala carte? I mean why am I paying for channels in Spanish? I don’t speak Spanish, nor do I care to watch these channels in Spanish, so remove them from my bill, let’s make things cheaper and more affordable for the consumer.

I mean with all the streaming networks, and the fact that so many are FREE nowadays or pennies on a dime compared to what you pay for with Cable, it does not take a rocket scientist to make the decision, it’s time to cut the cord. By cutting the cord you get the opportunity to save money that can help you in the long run people. After a long work week, I finally had a day off on Saturday and I was annoyed beyond being annoyed because I have all these channels and there was absolutely nothing on TV that I wanted to watch. It’s like most of the networks show the same damn thing over and over and over again. Look, you can only watch “Ghostbusters” or “Jumanji” so many times before you say enough is enough. I mean five times in the same day, who does that, only Cable does that to give the impression more is actually on television than what it is America.

The biggest issue is that many Cable providers are competing with all these streaming services and with that it leads to the battle to obtain rights to showcase movies on various networks versus others. You’ll see this franchise or these movies on this particular channel for 2-3 months, and then suddenly it flips to another channel or network for 2-3 months.