—Beverly Hills

The Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts, located in the heart of Beverly Hills, standing as a cultural hub for artists to create and share, received a $20,000 grant from the California Arts School Council. This initiative is aimed to provide the state’s historically marginalized communities including students K-12, veterans, and returning citizens- the opportunity to blossom in the arts, serving thousands of the youth annually in a state of the art venue. The grant was among 1,500 non-profits awarded throughout California for their contribution to a mission statement that aims to drive stability to culture and creative expression as a vehicle for a better state. California’s investment of almost $30 million, indicates more than a $5 million increase in comparison to the prior year, marking the largest in the state’s Arts Council History.

The partner’s program, “GRoW @ the Wallis” is the catalyst for a large spectrum of education and programs for outreach at the center of arts. “The Wallis is extremely grateful for this significant grant from the California Arts Council, which will help us continue to share our exceptional music, dance and theater programs with students from the greater Los Angeles area,” states Rachel Fine, The Wallis’ Executive Director and CEO. “These engaging performances promote an understanding and sharing of culture, enhance awareness of others, build cognitive skills and foster civic engagement, among other crucial benefits. The Wallis School Partners Program reflects our deep commitment to investing in the young people of our community.” The programs paint a story of a diverse Los Angeles- being an entertainment hub of its own.  Since the Wallis’ debut in October 2013, the center has given rise to more than 275 dance, theater, opera, musical, and cinematical performances- landing 48 nominations for Ovation awards and 7 L.A. Drama Critics Circle awards. With a 70,000 square feet facility displaying both classical and modern designs; the hub has also garnered 6 architectural accolades.

Creating a space for multifaceted artists to pursue and share art with a diverse audience, the Wallis encourages all ages and backgrounds to embrace the then and now of the city. “Creativity sits at the very heart of our identity as Californians and as a people,” said Nashormeh Lindo, Chair of the California Arts Council. “In this unprecedented moment, the need to understand, endure and transcend our lived experiences through arts and culture is all the more relevant for each of us. The California Arts Council is proud to be able to offer more support through our grant programs than ever before, at a time when our communities’ need is perhaps greater than ever before. These grants will support immediate and lasting community impact by investing in arts businesses and cultural workers across the state.”

In the midst of Covid-19, the council knows that the grantees must postpone scheduled plans due to local public health guidelines. California’s Arts Agency is working towards appropriate solutions for the beneficiaries of the grant. Learn more at www.arts.ca.gov