CALIFORNIAAn American Lung’s Association report on air health throughout the country has revealed that most counties with poor air quality are in the state of California.

The ‘State of the Air 2015‘ report measured ozone and particle pollution level in the country. In the top 10 cities with the most polluted short-term air pollution, California cities make up the first six. Fresno, Bakersfield, Viasalia, Modesto, Long Beach and San Jose, respectively. From the top 10 cities that have the most year-round air pollution, Fresno, Bakersfield, Visalia, Modesto and Long Beach also top the list in that order.

The report shows that four in 10 Americans live in cities where air pollution is at a level which makes air unhealthy to breathe. These levels can increase the risk of asthma attacks, cause chest pain and increase lung cancer and other lung diseases.

The present drought in the state is adding on to the low levels of air quality. Without rain, soil creates more dust, causing debris and particles to linger more in our air.

Cities in the state are making strides to battle air pollution. In San Joaquin Valley, the city is receiving grants and providing incentives for truckers and farmers who swap out diesel engines. In Sacramento, they have focused on reducing wood stove smoke the past few years. Overall, the pollution levels were down for most California cities, compared to the previous report.