MALIBU—The California Coastal Commission (CCC) will conduct a meeting on Wednesday, August 12 that could implement a Malibu Municipal Code and Local Coastal Program fire-resistant amendment into effect.

The amendment, approved by the Malibu City Council earlier this year in March, would redefine “shade structure,” prohibit some flammable objects within five feet of a building, and allow certain structures to be permitted between residential buildings.

The amendment is intended to foster more fire-resistant landscapes in Malibu’s continued effort against wildfires.

The amendment to the Local Coastal Program and the Malibu Municipal code would create regulations in three main areas. The definition of “shade structure” will now read as, “a structure with a temporary or permanent roof or a covering made of or supporting plants or vines which is designed to provide shelter from the heat or glare of the sunlight.”

Hedges and flammable fences or walls would be prohibited within five feet of a building. The five feet distance would be measured by the outermost point of the building to the fence or wall, including overhangs and second-story balconies.

The amendment would change regulations regarding the required distance between buildings. A minimum of 10 feet would be required between all residential buildings on the same parcel of land. Between two buildings on the same property, the following objects are permitted as long as they are within six feet of the 10 foot required gap; eaves and certain roofs, rain conductors, spouts, awnings, canopies, water heaters, gas and electric meters, and stairways or balconies above the first floor.

Included in the list of permitted objects is a shade structure, regarding the recently changed definition also in the amendment.

The city of Malibu has taken steps this year to increase preparedness for future natural disasters. On July 24, the city released an emergency survival guide free to all residents. In May, Malibu released a fire preparedness survey and later offered free home fire hazard inspections. Rebuild fee waivers are available until December 30 for homes affected by the Woolsey Fire. On July 29, the city of Malibu took the first step in creating an emergency siren system.

The city wrote in an online statement that unless the CCC objects to the minor amendment, the new regulations will take effect automatically