WOODLAND HILLS—Approximately 2,100 Los Angeles County residences received incomplete ballots where a place to vote for President of the United States was missing.

A graph on lavote.net election results indicate former Vice President Joe Biden in the lead with 71.23 percent to President Donald Trump’s 26.87 percent.

Individuals are reporting on social media that they have received a few ballots, but they never requested one. A commenter on social media indicated there are no requirements in requesting a ballot.

According to The Voting Information Center, “Each state’s Chief Election Official will certify the election results in their state. On December 14, electors will cast their electoral votes based on the certified election results from their state.”

Assemblyman Tom Lackey the public to get out and vote.

According to lavote.net, all votes including damaged ballots received on Election Day will be counted during a 30-day period known as “The Official Election Canvass.”

The Los Angeles County Clerk Recorder’s Office makes sure all ballots cast are counted including Vote by Mail, provisional, write-in and damaged ballots.

Ballots require additional review to verify voters are eligible to vote and write-in ballots were cast for qualified candidates. There was no instruction given on the site for those receiving faulty ballots.

Canyon News reached out to the public records department of Los Angeles County for more information on the election being called with faulty ballots, but did not hear back in time for print.

A commenter left the following message on the CAGOP page.

“This is your electoral map right now. GOP Kept Senate and is 2 seats from flipping House. But you’re supposed to believe this ocean of red gave Biden more votes than any candidate in history. It’s just too comical that they think this will work. P.S. I’m not using this map in reference to population density rather than the mathematically impossible anomalies of Biden votes”

There was no mention of incorrect totals or incomplete ballots on Governor Gavin Newsom’s Facebook Page or Twitter page. He congratulated Biden and Harris writing accolades of the two candidates as though they have already won.