UNITED STATES—It seems like nowadays people find something wrong with people at every single turn. In particular, I’ve noticed people are taking jabs at President Barack Obama every single time they get the opportunity to do so.

Just last week most of the media outlets made a huge fuss over the fact that the President greeted military officials as he exited his plane with a cup of coffee. Do I believe the President intentionally planned to have that cup of coffee in his hand? No. Was he intentionally trying to disrespect those who serve and protect our country? No.

So tell me why in the world are media outlets making this such a big deal? The first thing that came to my mind is, “This isn’t even newsworthy.” Why are journalists spending so much time on what they consider ‘news’ that isn’t actually news? It’s like they have so little content for their broadcast they have to find a way to fill up empty space for the show. I hate watching news and finding myself being duped by a channel attempting to sway me to think from their perspective versus my own.

I have started to suspect that Mr. Obama is being examined under a massive spotlight. No matter what he does people are always going to be talking about what he does wrong. It’s become a point that the President is evil in so many people’s eyes and they will point fingers whenever the opportunity arises. If he wears the wrong color suit, the wrong shoes, the wrong shirt, walks funny, talks too fast, talks too slow, eats to fast, eats to slow, are you getting my point?

Why are we so willing to throw someone under the bus just for the sake of doing it? We shouldn’t. Its one thing to force someone in a power position to take accountability when they have done wrong, but it’s a completely different thing to point the finger when there is no relevance to begin with. I’ll be the first to admit I am not a fan of some of the policies that President Obama has implemented, but once again that is not a personal attack on the President himself its more an issue about policies that may have a direct impact not only on myself, but the American public.

I would not take a personal jab just for the sake of stirring about a media frenzy as the world of journalism has now become. Look at the scandal involving the woman who claimed to have three breasts. Not a single media outlet researched and dug into the woman’s story before exploiting the story all over the Internet. Guess what? It was a complete hoax.

We all need to take a close look at the mirror in regards to who we are and who we are becoming. Barack Obama may not be the biggest fan of many people, but he still is the President of the United States of America. Because of that fact alone we should respect him not only as Commander in Chief, but as a human being. Enough with this sensationalism in journalism; if its not newsworthy content that has a direct impact on the American public please don’t broadcast it.