UNITED STATES—Many occasional or regular gamers covet the dream of someday living out of sports betting. Free yourself from a boss, get out of the metro/work/sleep routine, become independent, have the freedom to work where you want, when you want, afford a luxurious life, and so forth.

So many concepts that make you dream more of one. Are there a lot of professional bettors? What are the means to be implemented to succeed? Is that life as beautiful as you imagine?

Are there many professional bettors?

At the risk of disappointing you, there are very few professional bettors. There are several reasons for this, and even if some earn a lot of money in sports betting, they did not dare to take the plunge to leave everything to live exclusively on sports betting. Betting is a game of chance, but bills aren’t.

The dream is, therefore, not impossible but very complicated to achieve. So what makes the difference between a losing player and a winning player, between a player who earns a few hundred dollars a month and one who actually makes a living?

Sometimes not much, but the step to take is difficult and requires specific skills.

The skills of a winning player

This may seem logical: you have to be a great expert on one or more sports in particular. But if this one skill grew on every tree, then there would be many winning players, yet this is not the case because the sport always has its share of surprises.

The greatest quality to have is called bankroll management, that is, knowing how to manage the capital used to make his bets, in the same way that a trader will manage capital India’s national stock exchange. And it is this skill that over 90 % of players lack.

Some even ignore it completely. Others have a good foundation but lack mastery. If you don’t know how to manage your bankroll, you have no chance of winning at sports betting.

Professional bettors invest on average between 1% and 5% of their capital in a bet, but there are various ways to manage your bankroll.

Therefore, having a betting strategy is also an essential criterion whether playing online on sites such as dabbling in India’s beloved cricket and horse racing betting. You should also be analytical, proficient in statistics and math – especially probability.

And use reliable and licensed betting software and apps for placing bets.

You must also know how to keep your cool in all circumstances. It is, therefore, necessary to have great self-control so as not to fall into the headache of “wanting to redo yourself.” Not everything can be acquired immediately,

The advantages and disadvantages of a sports betting life

Let’s start with the advantages that you can imagine very well. The one that comes up most often is no longer having to work in the true sense of the term.

That is to say, being under the orders of a boss for a job that you do not necessarily like, which brings us neither personal satisfaction nor financial satisfaction.

Another advantage is the feeling of freedom that you can have, not owing anything to anyone, being free to go wherever you want at any time, free to organize your days and weeks as you see fit.

It also means having more free time to enjoy his family, his friends, play sports, activities, go on a trip, et al. Living off his passion is one of the most beautiful things a man can know. But behind this idyllic portrait hides a darker face,

On the one hand, it can be very complicated to explain this way of life to family and friends who do not understand that one can make good money from what seems random and dependent only on luck. Some will even see an unhealthy side.

Socially it is, therefore, not easy to answer the famous question “what do you do for a living?” Without being entitled to all kinds of prejudices and dumbfounded looks.

Suppose you manage to go beyond this stage. In that case, a sports bettor’s life also reserves its share of uncertainties and fears: difficult to predict what you will win each month, how to deal with a negative month.

You must be very mentally strong to support these variances. Living from sports betting is also putting up barriers for specific projects that require going through a bank loan that you will know immediately refused. You do not contribute either for unemployment or retirement.

This is also why few punters take the plunge to give up everything for this life. Instead, most opt to keep a job and game on the weekends to ensure a certain sense of security and stability.