The Original Cannabis Cafe located on La Brea Avenue in West Hollywood, reopened on Thursday afternoon in order to cater their service only through drive-thru or pickup.

The Cannabis Cafe was considered the first cafe to be opened as of October 2019 since the newest law was just passed.

When grocery stores, fast food chains, and even dispensaries were considered essential businesses, the Cannabis Cafe’s license, however, for onsite cannabis consumption did not allow it to do any sort of takeout or delivery and did not meet the requirements to be considered essential. However, the city of West Hollywood has worked out a solution for this non-essential business.

The cafe’s co-founder and partner, Courtney Zalewski quoted, “The city gave us temporary permission to operate as a medical and recreational dispensary until the emergency order ends. This allows us to sell cannabis alongside our full food menu in an In-N-Out drive-thru-like system.”

The process is simple. You can either pay ahead at home and wait in a designated parking spot for your flower host to bring your purchase, or you can order from 6 feet away in the comfort of your car.

The Cannabis Cafe now works seven days a week from noon to 7 pm located on 1201 North La Brea Drive.