TOPANGA CANYON—Recently, TripAdvisor notified the Canyon Bistro in Topanga Canyon that the restaurant earned a TripAdvisor certificate. Canyon News spoke to Larry Cohen, owner at the Canyon Bistro via email. He indicated the restaurant earned the certificate by maintaining 4/5 stars and keeping number 1 status in Topanga based on customer reviews.

TripAdvisor is considered as one of the world’s largest travel websites. It has reviews written mostly by travelers to plan and aim to make travelers have a perfect trip.

It is different from other websites in that it gives honest and unbiased information that is written by real people rather than false reviews that tend to be written for the purpose of advertisement.

The site gives certificates to establishments all over the world. It uses popularity, rating, and other factors when awarding businesses.

When asked by Canyon News about how he feels about receiving the TripAdvisor certificate, Larry Cohen said,

“It’s really a wonderful acknowledgement of the hard work and dedication my staff shows every day they come to work. It says that total strangers walked in, received good service and enjoyed the menu items they ordered, enough to leave us a favorable review.”

According to Cohen, the Canyon Bistro will have live performances. He emphasized that some of the best LA musicians come to the Canyon Bistro to perform with Cohen, (who is a lifelong musician that plays the piano.)