MALIBU—Carbon Beach in Malibu has long held the nickname of Billionaire’s Beach thanks to its exclusivity. The strip of beach is dotted with the homes of billionaires and has been largely inaccessible to the public.

The over one mile long stretch of sand was home to only two public access points, Zonker Harris on the north end and Geffen on the south. A third access point about a half mile between the other two is now opening.

The middle access point, called Ackerberg, is named after the owner of the property next to the access point. Lisette Ackerberg has been battling against the access point for years despite the fact that she and her late husband were large proponents of conservation of the local beaches. After nearly a decade of legal battles, Lisette Ackerberg and the California Coastal Commission came to agreement on the terms that would allow for a new public access point alongside Ackerberg’s property.

Carbon Beach via
Carbon Beach via

This is the second access point to be created at Carbon Beach in 10 years. The Zonker Harris access point was the only way for the public to access the beach until 2005, when David Geffen lost a long legal battle which resulted in him having to allow for public access to run through that path that ran parallel to his property. The access point is now known as the Geffen access point, but has also been nicknamed the “Hooray for Hollywood Moguls” path in reference to Geffen and his status as a wealthy entertainment mogul.

Malibu’s beaches have been known to be inaccessible to the public. According to Activist Jenny Price, Malibu needs at least 80 more public access points to meet the state guidelines of one for every 1,000 feet of beach. Carbon Beach could be inching closer to these guidelines as another access point is reportedly in the works next to the Malibu Outrigger condo complex. The complex is taking legal action in an attempt to stop the access point from being made.

The Ackerberg access point is open one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset.