HOLLYWOOD—Will this war ever end on “General Hospital” people? I don’t think so, but a big reveal may be happening much sooner than later America. It is the rivalry between Nina Reeves and Carly Corinthos. Carly made a blunder investing a ton in Aurora Media, only for a merger to fall through the cracks and she lost her half of the Metro Court as a result. Sonny offered to help, but Carly’s pride would not allow it, and then Nina stepped in purchasing the Metro Court and planned to offer it to Carly as a peace offering. We all knew that would never transpire.

So Carly was forced to leave the business that she started from the ground up people. Drew was by her side all the way and it is no secret at this point that the writers are planning a Carly and Drew romance in the very near future. Nina is doing her best to be as civil as possible, but anyone who knows the character of Carly Corinthos knows this woman holds a grudge like no other. She was sad leaving the Metro Court with boxes in hand, but she gave that look to Nina, as she remembered she knows Willow is Nina’s long lost daughter.

Cue Willow’s current medical crisis. She is pregnant, but I never thought the pregnancy was the result of Willow having those fainting spells, I always thought something else was at the core and the audience got confirmation this week when TJ informed her that her white blood cell count was elevated. I suspect Willow might have some sort of illness or cancer, and this explains how the truth about Nina and Willow being mother and daughter will come out.

Carly will be forced to drop that bomb in order to save Willow’s life when there are no other matches. Carly is going to have to face the music and she might have some harsh critics along the way: Sonny, Michael, Willow, Drew and of course Nina will want bloody revenge now more than ever people. It will be intriguing to see how this plays out, but expect November Sweeps, maybe a few weeks earlier to be the catalyst for the big secret to finally be unearthed. Michael is still at war with Sonny and his partnership with Dex as an inside man is ringing bells. Brando already suspects Dex is up to no good and has warned Dante, and that tiff that Dex and Michael got into this week didn’t point the arrow in a new direction if you asked me. Side note: Robert Adamson is doing fantastic in the role of Michael Quartermaine. I honestly don’t miss Chad Duell in the role. Adamson brings an edge to the character that is fun to watch.

Dante warned Cody about getting involved with Britt, but Cody is drawn to her, but I think he is more drawn to her father Cesar Faison. The question viewers would like to know is why? Could Faison still be alive? Is Cody working for the evil mastermind? Time will indeed tell all people. Valentin and Victor have been up to no good trying to get Laura out of Port Charles to continue whatever secret plan they have moving forward. I really wish the writers would drop a clue or two here so the audience has some information to speculate, but we are getting absolutely nothing here people.

The big narrative for the week is Trina’s trial which has kicked off. The Assistant District Attorney is good with her cross examination questioning the whereabouts of Trina in regards to Joss and Cameron being recorded while having sex. Some reasonable doubt was introduced as a result of Joss, Jordan and Rory’s testimony; however it was Spencer who was working overtime to save the woman he secretly loves. Ava first tried to persuade Esme to take a deal and bounce, but nope. Ava was ‘this close’ to catching Esme with the bartender who sold her that phone, but came up empty handed. However, Esme continued to poke the bear by insinuating something that immediately caught Ava’s attention.

Oh, the truth about Nikolas sleeping with Esme is going to come out when she gets exposed. There is just one slight problem: Spencer might not care, but Ava will explode. I’m hoping we get the catfight of all catfights people, just as the truth about her parentage is held over her. Esme believes Ryan is her father, and I’m still uncertain on that one. The audience has been teased that Felicia is her mother, but the how of that situation is still a mystery. Spencer is using the truth about her mother to get Esme to spill the truth about framing Trina with that phone. She was giddy at learning that Spencer found her mother, but he refused to tell, which riled up Esme more and she’s spiraling people.

The truth has to be coming out in the next week or so and when it does cue some epic fireworks because I will have my popcorn ready America as I tune into “General Hospital.”