HOLLYWOOD—I know many of us are still reeling that Sheila Carter has returned to the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Yes, the writers pulled a hell of a surprise on viewers with that revelation last month and it has not disappointed to say the least. It was such a treat for Eric to finally come face-to-face with Quinn and Ridge as they revealed their ruse behind his back. He tossed Quinn like the piece of trash that she is and disowned Ridge.

In the midst of utter chaos, he fled the Forrester mansion to stay at some run down hotel to stay off the grid. Surprise, Sheila also happens to be staying at that hotel. Cue the stalker music people. Sheila is good at manipulation America, this woman slowly moves to not send too many red flags right away. Eric and Sheila are slowly rebuilding their friendship, but Quinn was none too pleased to see her newest enemy at the abode to retrieve Eric’s medicine.

Quinn tried to accost Sheila, bad mistake Quinn, you are crazy, but Sheila is downright evil and you DON’T want to be on her bad side, which you already are. She has no problem changing faces and murdering a person or two to get what she wants. Quinn pleaded her case to Steffy and Liam, who were desperate to find Eric. Sorry, but I’m over Steffy and Liam; can miss perfect and Mr. Do No Wrong take an extended leave of absence from the show people? They are frankly annoying. As expected Liam utilized his computer skills to track Eric’s phone to his location, which led to a confrontation between Sheila and Steffy. Per usual Steffy barked, but Sheila barked louder.

Now, this made me happy because this might be the thing that leads to Steffy’s downfall America, she shot Sheila when she suspected the woman of having a gun in her purse (um she doesn’t). That’s attempted murder Steffy, so you better find a lawyer to prove otherwise. While Sheila covered up for Steffy, that does not mean she won’t use this incident to her advantage. Eric was stunned, Liam was stunned and these people are making Sheila look more and more like a saint with their actions. Can’t wait to see how Steffy responds when she learns what Quinn and her father have been up to. Let’s just say she was mad at her father, but livid at Quinn!

Oh, we have to talk about the big return people; Caroline Spencer is back in Los Angeles with son in tow. Oh yes, Steffy ushered this ruse too. I find it surprising because from the talk of the town Linsey Godfrey was out at “B&B,” well at least we hadn’t seen her for what seems like a good year people. So much to the point her son Douglas has aged a ton. This does not bode well for Sally and Thomas’ relationship. Its evident Caroline wants Thomas, but I think that ship has sailed. She had her chance, she didn’t take it when presented it by Thomas and he has found true love from the looks of things. However, with her uncle Bill’s blessing the two have devised a plan to rid Sally and reunite Thomas and Caroline. Let’s see how that turns out, because Bill in life you can’t always get what you want.

What is it with these Forrester men sharing the same woman? Eric and Ridge both dated Brooke; Rick, Ridge and Thomas all had flings with Caroline; it’s kind of odd when you think about it America? Caroline is definitely trying to get back into Thomas’ life and using his son as leverage, but that will only last for so long. Thomas is no idiot and if he finds out what his sister has been up to, things will not be good people.

Sheila Carter has been one of the best things to happen to “Bold and Beautiful” in quite some time. Now only, only if, the powers that be revisit the death of Aly at the hands of Steffy. I mean the Spectra clan has returned people. Wouldn’t it be exciting for that video that was deleted to resurface and a revenge plot climax with the return of Darla Spectra? This is a soap opera people, anything can happen!