HOLLYWOOD—She was a major catalyst in the narrative for “General Hospital” a few months ago, and now she has returned to cause more chaos. Who am I referring to? I’m talking about Cassandra Pierce America. She was the woman who was entangled with Valentin, Anna, Finn and Nina. How ironic that Cassandra has the upper hand and is making a power move by poisoning Sasha. That’s the problem, Cassandra is under the ruse that Sasha is Nina’s daughter, but we know that to not be true.

I sense this new story is going to eventually blow up the truth about Sasha being a fake, and Valentin’s duplicity. I mean it should people because we’ve only waited a year for this secret to come to light, it’s being dragged and at this point I am not 100 percent that this reveal will be as explosive as we hoped for. Sasha’s medical condition is not looking good, and of course Nina is worried sick as is Valentin because he knows if the truth comes out about Sasha his world as we know it is over.

The big catalyst in all of this is the fact that someone is aiding Cassandra. I mean she spoke on the phone about her situation being compromised and she needs another place to hide out ASAP. So who is that mystery person she was chatting with over the phone? My gut is telling me that person might be Nikolas Cassadine! Why? For starters, Valentin shot him and he was presumed dead. Nikolas has been off the map for quite some time, and we know his portrayer Tyler Christopher is no longer on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.”

The timing cannot be a coincidence America, so if it’s indeed Nikolas who brings Valentin down, I will be all for it America. Cassandra wants her revenge against Nina and Valentin, and Nikolas absolutely wants his revenge against Valentin. A villain going toe-to-toe with a villain, now how often do we see that in the soap arena? Not often so it is indeed a welcome change.

In other Port Charles news, Shiloh must really be planning his funeral with his latest stunt. He kidnapped Sam, threatened Jason and Drew and is hell bent on this brain mapping procedure courtesy of Dr. Cabot, to restore Drew’s memories. We know Drew and Shiloh know each other for their time in Afghanistan and Drew absolutely knows SOMETHING that Shiloh wants to have unearthed. Whatever it is it better be big with all this hoopla going on about Drew and Shiloh’s past.

Like I said before, I sense Shiloh’s time in Port Charles is about to come to an end, the question we will all want answered is who actually made the move to take him out once and for all? Sam was close by, and it took Jason by a shear miracle to discover her in a freezer right outside the Dawn of Day home to rescue her life once again. That guy will go to the depths of the Earth to save his one true love, but Shiloh is not going down without a fight as it looked like he kidnapped Cameron as leverage, meaning Elizabeth and Franco will not be entangled in this mess with this creep.

Brad is still scheming, as Liesl pinpointed it was Brad who attempted to drown her on the Haunted Star. He made threats on Britt’s life to keep his secret regarding Wiley’s true heritage. Brad you’re playing with fire, and when this bomb comes out, Liesl should be the least of your worries, you should be worried sick about Sonny Corinthos buddy.

Hayden and Finn continue to dance on the state of their relationship. Hmm, could I see them getting back together? No, but I sense she will indeed perhaps get entangled in Chase’s orbit. How so? I don’t see Chase and Willow lasting long because she has a stronger attraction to Michael and when the truth about Wiley comes out it will change everything. Speaking of Hayden, she spilled her emotions out to Finn while at Wyndemere courtesy of a truth serum that Valentin spiked drinks with.

So it’s a game of cat-and-mouse right now with Valentin, Nina, Hayden and Jax, and it is now clear that Cassandra and her mystery accomplice will play a vital role in this storyline which has lit a fire to blow up in epic fashion. Its August, so I would argue by early October or near November sweeps all will be known.