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Uber Plans To Bring Flying Cars To Los Angeles By 2020

LOS ANGELES—Uber’s head of product development Jeff Holden announced on Wednesday, November 8 that it would be adding Los Angeles to the list of...

Bring The Fight Home: “Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus”

UNITED STATES—Light the fire of a revolution and burn the Nazi war machine to the ground. Bring freedom back to the American people. That...

The Gamer Inside Of Me!

UNITED STATES—I haven’t played a video game in nearly 20 years America. Yes, it really has been that long for me. So last week...

Creator Of Wondrous Fiction, Barry Ghabaei

UNITED STATES—Described as having twisted plots, topsy-turvy dialogue, and story themes that extend human-thinking ‘out-of-the-box,’ Barry Ghabaei, the creator of Wondrous Fiction, has pioneered...

The SNES Classic Has Arrived!

UNITED STATES—I can’t believe it, the game that totally shaped me as a kid keeping me entertained for hours and days is resurfacing. Yup,...
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