STUDIO CITY—On Tuesday, October 13, CBS Chief Executive George Cheeks apologized to the Armenian ambassador after two CBS employees made “hateful” remarks to protesters outside CBS Studios in Studio City.

On Monday, October 12, Armenians staged a protest outside CBS Studios after voicing discontent for the outlet’s reporting of the Artsakh Under Attack: March for Victory.”

Protesters used vehicles to block multiple entrances to the studio lot, when officials instructed them to move the vehicles, several individuals formed a human blockade across the entrance

A CBS employee shouted at protesters: “I hope you all die, and I hope your country gets blown up.”

A different employee said: “Good thing you’re not ‘BLM,’ cause I probably would run your ass over.”

In the letter to Ambassador Armen Baibourtian, the consul general in Glendale, Cheeks stated: “Video posted to social media showed individuals entering our lot making hateful and offensive comments to protesters. Two of these individuals have been identified as CBS employees.

Please be assured: this conduct does not align with the values of our company, and we condemn their language in the strongest terms. These incidents were investigated immediately, and as of last night, both of these individuals are no longer employed by CBS.

All of us here want you to know that we respect your right for peaceful protest, and we apologize to you and the Armenian community for this experience outside our facility.”