UNITED STATES—On Friday, March 25, the Florida Department of Health (DOH) revealed that the state’s COVID-19 death toll data was reportedly altered by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The Epoch Times indicated data was changed unbeknownst to the DOH.

Chemist and Press Secretary for the Florida State Department of Health, Jeremy Redfern, told reporters that the DOH transmits COVID-19 data, including deaths, to the CDC several times per week.

Former Trump advisor, Dr. Scott Atlas, has been publicly scrutinized for criticizing Dr. Anthony Fauci and for stating his lack of trust for the head of the Coronavirus Task Force.

Florida Governor Ron De Santis has been criticized since speaking out about lockdowns and mandates ruining people’s lives. At the onset of COVID-19, Trump praised DeSantis for not succumbing to the lockdowns and mandates while carrying the lowest COVID-related mortality rate in the Nation.

“Lockdowns at the time of the pandemic were favored by the, quote, ‘narrative’ and so, in the name of, quote, ‘science,’ articles and posts warning against lockdowns were taken down and censored. The result has been the destruction of millions of lives across America, as well as increased deaths from suicide, substance abuse, and despair, without any corresponding benefit in COVID mortality.”

Charlie Kirk, founder and CEO of Turning Point USA, told Canyon News, “Right now no one is safe from censorship from Big Tech bullies.” Kirk indicated he was suspended from Twitter about a different topic. Kirk shared with Tucker Carlson a screenshot of the tweet that was taken down.

Canyon News reached out to the Florida Health Department for clarification on the alleged fabrication of COVID-related death tolls, but did not hear back before print.

There is little to no information to be found for the accuracy of the mortality rate of COVID-19 related deaths or COVID vaccines being beneficial. Most COVID-related searches are directed back to the CDC website.