HOLLYWOOD—Celebrities have been following the World Cup, which began on June 11. While the U.S. soccer team didn’t make it to the round of 16, we were still proud of them. Hollywood celebrities and twitter royalty Ashton Kutcher and beautiful wife Demi Moore were busy tweeting their thoughts about the big game with their millions of followers. Other celebrities like John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Paula Abdul and Lance Armstrong were among some of the elite that were following the World Cup and many more are catching the World Cup fever. Former President Bill Clinton, Mick Jigger and  Kobe Bryant were in attendance supporting the U.S. team.

There has been so much controversy in the 2010 World Cup, offside goals that scored, and goals that came straight down at least a foot inside the goal line, in the case of Germany versus England, clearly the ball was in the net and television replays confirmed that and the game should have been tied at that point, so England was robbed of the goal. The goal was shot by Frank Lampard. U.S. was also robbed of a goal in the U.S. versus Algeria game, in which Clint Dempsey scored, but the goal was called offside. Argentina versus Mexico clearly the goal from Tevez was offside. In the Spain versus Portugal game, the goal of Villa was believed to be a whisper offside. A memo to the president of FIFA: wouldn’t it be wise to consider the use of high-tech technology to help referees be fair. So many injustices have been made in this 2010 World Cup.

Spend any time watching the World Cup and you soon realize, what every woman is thinking, gorgeous”¦gorgeous men. It’s a shame that we won’t be seeing the bicycle kicks and fancy footwork of Cristiano Ronaldo anymore in the World Cup. Portugal was defeated by Spain 1-0 on June 29, in another controversy game. The soccer players are fabulously fit, and that comes from running an estimated seven miles in the average match.  The players come in every size, and ethnic group. If you haven’t tuned in to the World Cup, trust me ladies, you are missing out. You’ll appreciate the offside trap, the bend-it-like-you-know-who corner kick, the high drama of scoring after “nil-nil” in stoppage time, and sudden death in the Paraguay-Japan match on June 29.

Cristiano Ronaldo proved he could score for his national team in the history making 7-0 defeat against North Korea. However in the Portugal-Spain match I didn’t see the cold-hearted assassin who can push defenders around, and shoot from 40 yards out and never lose his nerve. Psychologically it must have been hard for him to be the Terminator, considering he plays for Real Madrid. We all remember the dismissal of Wayne Rooney at the 2006 World Cup, during the England and Portugal match. Ronaldo was playing at the time for Manchester United. One thing is for sure, Cristiano Ronaldo is still a gorgeous man, a superstar and the world’s most expensive footballer.

Rose’s Scoop: You can see The World Cup finals on July 11, may the best team win. Wishing everyone a great Fourth of July Weekend!