UNITED STATES—Higher education has already become a sore spot for many young people who cannot or don’t want to go to college. People claim that you cannot make your way in life without a degree, and it doesn’t matter how smart and hardworking you are. Thus, the closer graduation from high school is, the more nervous students become. They are afraid not to meet their parents’ expectations and get stuck in their hometown without any perspectives. This fear makes them search for reliable writing services that can help them with arts essays to improve their GPA.

Young people sacrifice their personal lives and all the pleasures for the sake of a potentially bright future. Even though it seems the only possible way out, you can come across numerous living examples of people who have succeeded without a degree. Their stories prove that everything is possible in life if you find yourself in the right place at the right time. Thus, if you cannot go to college for some reason, don’t get depressed but look for inspiration in the success stories of celebs.

Ellen DeGeneres

Even if you don’t go online specifically to watch her show, you will definitely come across some of its episodes on social networks. This gifted woman and talk show host can boast of about $500 million of net worth even without a degree. Indeed, she has managed to win numerous Emmys and hundreds of people’s hearts with her attitude and life position. When she graduated from high school, she decided not to continue studying but to find a job. She changed many positions before she managed to break into the standup comedy sphere.

Anna Wintour

Everyone who shows at least a little interest in fashion knows this powerful woman whose image stands out from the rest. She has been holding the position of Editor-in-Chief at Vogue for many years. Her opinion is extremely valuable, so no changes happen in the fashion world without her approval. Even though she enrolled in college in London, she started building up her career in fashion long before graduation, so she had neither time nor desire to work on assignments. Who knows, maybe the situation was different if she could study college research paper samples on the Internet (like modern students) to find a trustworthy helper who can take away a part of the workload and provide papers done on time?

LeBron James

Nowadays, if you want to break into the NBA, you have to go to college, whether you want it or not. It’s a new NBA requirement that everyone should follow to build a decent sports career. However, when LeBron was young and graduated from high school, this rule didn’t exist yet, so he started climbing the career ladder without a college degree. He proved to be a gifted player right away, so he signed many impressive contracts and earned a fortune. Today, he is not only an NBA superstar but a successful businessman.

Tom Hanks

He managed to appear in dozens of worthy movies and created a decent reputation in and out of cinematography. When he graduated from high school, he also believed that it is impossible to achieve success without a degree. That’s why he enrolled in college and tried his best to cope with the curriculum. However, he was not the type of person who would spend all night long over books. Unfortunately, he could not get a helping hand in a matter of seconds, reaching out to the reliable coursework writing service. Therefore, he changed his studies to a festival. As simple as it is. It turned out to be the best decision ever since this event has become a foundation for his further career development and impressive success.

Gisele Bündchen

When it comes to the most famous and successful supermodels of all time, one cannot but mention this beauty. After getting a chance to become a model at the age of 14, she turned a blind eye to the necessity to get a degree and start a full-fledged family. According to data provided by Forbes, she was on the list of models with the highest income three years ago. Today she focuses more on her private life than her career, but such a decision hasn’t turned her into a poor lady since she has already built her empire.

Leonardo DiCaprio

His success is proved by a net worth of more than $300 million, a wide range of stunning movies, and bright romantic affairs. Well, someone could say that his achievements are not that high, considering only one Oscar on the shelf, but a rare person will argue his talent. He has managed to become a multi-faceted actor and a winner of women’s hearts without high education. Leo knew that he wanted to build a decent acting career, so he decided to devote all his time and efforts to his dream. Considering everything mentioned above, he has succeeded.


This incredible woman has entered numerous lists of the most powerful people globally. She has managed to build an impressive career and even a whole empire around her name. Even though she never attended college, this moment didn’t interfere with climbing a career ladder and getting a place under the sun. After graduation from high school, she joined a girls’ band, Destiny’s Child, that won charts in the 2000s many times. This experience has become a springboard for her further professional development.