HOLLYWOOD—All it takes is one night to totally change the game. That is precisely what transpired during the double eviction on the second season of “Celebrity Big Brother.” When we last left off, Tom was the power player of the week winning Head of Household and then won the Power of Veto. Him winning that POV may have ultimately led to Tom’s undoing. He wanted Ricky Williams out of that house, so much to the point that he started to ‘threaten’ people yet again.

Kandi, why would you spill to Tamar that Tom was willing to put her up in order to ensure that Ricky was sent packing. Tamar and Tom got into a screaming match, and Lolo, Natalie and Ricky proved they are a nasty trio to say the least. I mean the things they said about Tom behind his back were horrid. Look, he beat you guys fair and square, stop whining because you lost; they were simply acting like sore losers.

Tom threw even me for a loop when he used the POV to save Ricky (his target) and then placing Lolo on the block. Of course, Lolo was not happy and neither were Natalie. It was apparent Natalie started to see the writing on the wall; her time at the house was coming to an end. Well, the double eviction proved to be a whirlwind of emotions and twist for the houseguests and viewers. Natalie was sent packing by a vote of 4-0, and then Julie dropped a bomb: another twist!

Like really, why weren’t the viewers clued in on this ‘Safety Competition.’ The remaining houseguests would all compete for safety. The winner, would be safe for the next eviction, but could not compete in the upcoming HOH. It was obvious to many that this seemed like a twist designed to help Tom Green. I mean we all knew he was in danger as the biggest threat, with all those wins under his belt. However, it was Tamar who won a competition designed around the importance of perception. She was safe, but in the HOH it was Lolo, of all people to win the prize.

I’m hot and cold on this woman; she appears genuine on the live shows, but a total whack job the rest of the time. Her energy is just bad and that has led to so many people, having issues with her in the house including Ryan, Jonathan, Joey, Kato, Tamar, Tom, I think she’s gotten into it with everyone except Ricky and Natalie. Lolo had a hard time naming a nominee, which led to Julie sending a threat: make a decision or you lose the HOH. Oh, I would have loved to see that happen.

She nominated Kandi and Tom, but we had the POV, I was hoping Dina could edge out a win, which would force Lolo to nominate Ricky, and the other side would have the votes to send him packing. However, Tamar won the POV and decided not to use it. That did indeed shock me as I expected her to use it on Kandi, forcing Lolo to nominate Dina and perhaps send her packing and save Tom. Nope, by a vote of 3-0, the second best player in the house, Tom Green was voted out.

So we have Ricky, Kandi, Dina and Tamar competing for the HOH, and the odds should have been in the girls favor, but you cannot have good things on BB. Ricky won his first HOH and nominated Dina and Kandi. Lolo and Ricky are a twosome and will take each other to the end. I cannot take seeing those two in the end; that will leave me utterly pissed if it happens, but it all comes down to the POV to determine rather, Kandi, Dina, Tamar or Lolo would be sent packing.

Surprise, we got a clips episode on Monday, instead of the actual HOH competition, which we were promised. Which means the finale on Wednesday will be jammed pack because we have an HOH, a POV, an live eviction, the final four HOH and two more evictions, jury questioning and then a final vote. Yeah, good luck on cramming all that into 2 hours without the pacing feeling slightly off to some degree. I would spoil the POV results, but what fun would that be? The two-hour season finale of the second season of “Celebrity Big Brother” airs Wednesday, February 13 at 9 p.m. on CBS.