WEST HOLLYWOOD—Brandon Liberati is Hollywood’s newest celebrity hairstylist, who left his very successful business in San Francisco, when his celebrity clientele and other stylist friends asked him to come to Tinseltown and shower the stars with his style and most importantly, his amazing charm with every client and person he meets. I met Brandon after interviewing Bravo’s “Thintervention” star Craig Ramsay, who is the actor and fitness trainer to the stars. Both men put me through my paces, but they do so with a smile, never any harsh words.

I caught up with Brandon, who talks about arriving at Hollywood’s Mothership. The handsome stylist gave his sage advice on how to handle some of Hollywood’s stars.

Q-What made you decide to leave such a lucrative business in San Francisco to come to Hollywood and become a celebrity stylist?

A-“I brought my business to LA about a year ago from San Francisco. It has only been recently that I have been able to focus on my clientele here due to business travels that have taken me around the world. My good friend and Celebrity makeup artist Gina Bergeron asked me to board the ”˜Mothership’ early this year. She launched a full service boutique called Mothership Salon located near The Grove in 2008.”

Q-When visiting your shop, people are normally calm, but there are some starlets and stars who show up wanting the extra treatment and obviously a bit high-strung. How do you handle that?

A-“I have had the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people during my career, and because of them, I strive to make everyone’s visit with me a special experience. I don’t see the ”˜high strung’ clients as being difficult, I embrace them as being enthusiastically particular! I work well with most people because I am calm, professional, creative and extremely good at what I do. My philosophy is, you are only as good as the last person you worked on. That means, I make sure I am always at the top of my game and you always leave looking at the top of yours!”

Q-Do you feel like you know it all, that you have all the skills as a celebrity hairstylist, and that you can offer your clients something they can’t find anywhere else?

A-“Tommy, you never stop learning. Be very wary of anyone who thinks they have nothing else to learn! Fashion and trends that influence hair are in constant movement and in order to be current with those trends and products I put myself in the necessary environments to strive to be an expert at it all.”

Q-Who do you work with aside from Gina Bergeron?

A-“I work very closely with my partner, celebrity trainer/television personality Craig Ramsay. We make an amazing dream team, we share several clients. We have some upcoming television projects that will showcase my talents and my clientele. Stay tuned!”
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