UNITED STATES—The Consumer Electronics Show has a long and fascinating history, having been running for over half a century. Every year in January, the trade show takes place in Las Vegas, with huge numbers of people from around the world heading to Vegas in order to attend the show. This includes many household names in the world of technology, many of which attend to exhibit their up and coming tech and electronic products.

There is always excitement at this trade show for the week that it runs each year, and most people are used to learning more about new smart devices and appliances that are set to be launched by huge companies. Well, CES 2020 is a little different due to some changes that the organizers have put into place. In order to be more welcoming and inclusive, the show is now allowing products in the adult toy and products industry to be exhibited. This is the first time this has happened in the history of the show and has delighted many people in the sex toys industry.

A Boon for the Adult Products Industry

The chances to the regulations and guidelines for CES mean that professionals in the adult toys industry can now look forward to raising awareness about their products at one of the biggest trade shows to take place each year. With the high number of attendees and the popularity of this trade show, it provides people in this industry with an excellent platform to raise awareness of their up and coming adult products.

There are some stipulations in place with regards to the products that can be exhibited from within this industry. For instance, they need to fall into the category of tech and electricals, so they need to be connected in some way such as smart adult devices. In addition, they cannot have realistic features such as genitals, so not all products will be eligible for exhibition at the trade show. Like many other products, new inventions within the adult toys industry are becoming more and more innovative and making use of modern technology. This means there will be many products that do qualify.

There was some drama that took place last year when a woman from the adult products industry was given an award by CES, but it was taken away from her because of the nature of the products. Uproar over this meant that the reward was reinstated and then the organizers of the trade show decided to look again at the policies in a bid to be more inclusive when it comes to the adult industry.

There have been many advancements when it comes to the adult toys and products industry over recent years, and this is thanks to advancements in technology in general. You can now get adult toys and products that boast better design, enhanced features, and greater convenience. In addition, many are more effective than previously and boast improved appearance. Add to this the increased popularity of adult toys among consumers, and it comes as little wonder that CES organizers are finally welcoming exhibits from within this industry.

Will Further Changes Be Seen?

With CES organizers already having made changes for the 2020 trade show so that certain adult toys and products can be exhibited, many are wondering whether there will be further changes made to policies to be even more inclusive next year. There are still some products that cannot be exhibited at CES such as devices and products that relate to cannabis and tobacco, but some are wondering whether the show will become even more inclusive to allow some products within this industry to be shown in the future.

Certainly, the current changes that have been made makes for exciting news for those in industries such as retail, design, and manufacture within the adult product industry. Some have already expressed their delight at being given the chance to exhibit their adult products at the show. It is great news because CES can really boost awareness of new products that are coming out onto the market, and this is an opportunity that the adult industry has not been given in the past due to CES policies.