HOLLYWOOD—At long last, the big secret about Abigail, her alters and who killed Andre DiMera has been unearthed on “Days of Our Lives!” As a viewer, I’m super happy to see that it did not drag till May sweeps. It seems the soap arena is catching onto the notion that you don’t have to wait till May sweeps to drop the big bombs. If anything you drop the bomb and then drop a bigger bomb that catches the audience off guard that much more.

Last Friday, “Days” delivered a massive cliffhanger, with Chad walking in on Stefan and Abigail aka Gabby in bed together. Did it shatter Chad to say the least? Without a doubt, and it took him a moment to gather the fact that his wife’s mental state has fractured once again, and Abigail is not herself. However, the betrayal was too much for Chad and he delivered a beating on his brother that led to Rafe and Hope coming to the rescue. Did I feel sorry for Stefan? Not the least bit, I mean the guy took advantage of a woman who is mentally ill, not to mention he has fallen in love with an alternative personality. I must say that is a first in the soap arena, but Chad might be in a pickle because Stefan was hospitalized from the beatdown.

Speaking of Rafe and Hope, one would hope working together to exonerate Gabi and locate the ‘mystery woman’ who would reignite a spark in their relationship. Too bad, Hope is as cold as ice America. Good news is they know Abigail is the mystery woman in the black wig, but haven’t determined the exact motive. However, the trio of ladies locked in the DiMera dungeon: Vivian, Kate and Marlena are aware of what transpired with Abigail. Vivian blurted out that Abigail killed Andre, but I have the sneakiest suspicion that Abigail didn’t kill Andre, it was someone else, which caused her to have the mental breakdown.

I’m really keeping my fingers crossed for this twist to transpire because if it does it will totally change the narrative and deliver a welcome surprise to the audience. The question we all want to know is rather John will locate Marlena and the others. I mean only Stefan and Gabby know about their whereabouts, so unless Stefan spills (which I doubt he will), Gabby on the run, those ladies might be locked down there for a very long time.

This is a first, as we haven’t chatted about Will Horton in quite some time, but his desire to unlock his past memories might come at a major cost. I mean chatting with Clyde Weston about what happened to you versus talking to Susan herself, would be interesting to say the least. I’m hoping this new storyline might shed some light on the whereabouts of Kristen and EJ DiMera. I hate when soaps tease such a big secret and then put it to the backburner for months without ever bringing it back up again.

I’m still livid that Gabi is locked behind bars and dealing with utter torture as a result. I mean she was attacked by a woman who has a link to a man from her past, who was out for blood. The attack was so bad that it led to Gabi having to be rushed to the hospital for surgery. This only puts more pressure on Will and Sonny, especially Sonny, who is juggling work, Ari, Will and his burgeoning relationship with Leo. Ugh, this is going to crush Sonny to see another relationship blow up in his face, but I wonder what Leo will do when Sonny learns the actual truth about his arraignment with Vivian.

The question of the hour is just what will happen to Abigail now that the truth has been unearthed and will Gabi finally be released from the criminal system? Stay tuned “Days of Our Lives” fanatics as May sweeps kicks off next week.