HOLLYWOOD—I love reality TV, but rarely do I find myself enthralled in the competition shows. For so many of them, they tend to lack that excitement that one enjoys when it comes to entertainment. Very few shows entertain me like CBS hits “Survivor” or “Big Brother.” However, I have found myself on the edge of seat watching the 30th season of MTV’s hit series “The Challenge.” This latest entry is celebrating the big milestone with some favs and not so favs returning to compete for a prize that is the biggest in the shows history: $1 million.

I have to point this out, for those who have watched the series in the past; you might feel a bit of fatigue seeing the same faces time and time again. I mean I love the guy, but I’m sick and tired of seeing Johnny Bananas on my TV screen already! Like dude get a job already because you have been on every season for the past 5-6 years and I’m not joking.

What makes “The Challenge” so entertaining is the game of politics these contestants play. It’s like everyone thinks it’s a team effort until they realize that it is no longer a team effort. It’s very fun to watch because you see contestants unravel when they no longer have the power they thought was once on their side. This season has been utter chaos because the contestants have no idea what to expect and it makes it super difficult for the big alliance to control the game from start to finish as in the past.

I mean there were three underdogs all season long in Cory, Hunter and Nelson. Out of the three, only Hunter remains after being forced to battle for his life inside the Presidio each week. For those wondering, the Presidio is the challenge battle ground where two contestants battle to survive. The winner stays in the game, the loser is sent packing. Well, at least that is what the contestants think. We’ve had two Redemption Houses, where Tony, Jenna, Aneesa and Hunter battled their way to get back into the game. Aneesa unfortunately was sent to the Redemption House twice, and could return to the game for a third time if she is able to take out Jemmye and Cara Maria.

This season of the challenge has been one of the best because the dirty tactics implemented by some players has made the game unpredictable and that is the best type of television ever people. I have to admit last week’s episode might have been one of the MOST ENTERTAINING things on TV that I have seen in years. The misfits, as I like to call them: Tony, Jordan, Kailah, Brittni and Veronica won a vital challenge that gave them the opportunity to send one male and one female immediately to the Redemption House. Those players were power players to say the least: CT and Cara Maria. Both weren’t surprised with the turn of events, but they absolutely wanted vengeance if they get back into the house.

On top of that it was the next move that totally changed the game because Jordan, Kailah and Tony were certain they would get their way with votes, but Veronica and Brittni threw a bit of a curve ball. For starters, they had little sway in saving Jemmye, but oh, when it comes to the guys, Leroy was blindsided. Oh, well, so sad people. I hate when contestants think they are safe and they SHOULD BE SAFE. I mean Leroy hasn’t done much all season, but follow CT, Bananas, Derrick, and the others. At some point you should have expected to be on the chopping block buddy.

Veronica who has always been a fave of mine since “The Challenge” first became something worth watching, pulled a dirty move by sending Leroy into battle. Honestly, it was not a dirty move! Leroy was no ally to Veronica and considering he voted her in twice, it was payback plain and simple, and Leroy wasn’t able to handle the heat. However, you reap what you sew as both Veronica and Jordan was sent to the Redemption House. Gotta say this last chance to re-enter the game is GOING TO BE EPIC with the competitors left in tow.

Why? He got smoked in the Presidio by Hunter and his chances of beating CT to get back into the game are slim to nothing people. Veronica not only did you play the game, but you delivered a game changing move that shook the house to the core. I’m so eager to see how the rest of this season will play out and who will make it to the end and who will be victorious. However, considering this is known as the “Dirty 30” I’m certain hoar T.J. Lavin has one more twist that is going to turn this game on its head. “The Challenge: Dirty 30” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on MTV.