HOLLYWOOD—I have not had much interest to chat about “The Young and the Restless” lately because it has been a bit of a bore in my opinion. We had the Victor Newman is ‘dead’ narrative that quickly wrapped up as soon as it started. It was a complete flameout if you ask me because Victor didn’t punish Adam; it was as if nothing happened. Adam might not be in Genoa City anymore, but he is still a power player. How so? Everyone wants information from him on the location of Chance Chancellor.

This is the only thing that has grabbed my interest on the soap. There has been SO MUCH talk about the character; I’m dying to see when we will see him in the flesh. Chance has his hands in so many cookie jars it is absolutely driving me crazy. First, we know Chance has had some sort of relationship with Adam, while he was in Las Vegas because Phyllis stumbled upon their relationship. What the audience still has now idea about is precisely what Chance and Adam were up to.

Adam still hasn’t divulged those details, which I can only hope we discover in the coming weeks. However, the other big mystery Chance is tied to involves the challenging of Katherine’s will, via Hilary lookalike Amanda Sinclair. Yes. Chance seems to be in cahoots with Amanda, but the audience has NOT got that confirmation 100 percent just yet. After this week, I no longer think its Chance, I suspect it Colin! Amanda let it slip she should have let that ‘old’ guy entangle her in this mess. One thing is for sure, Chance is not old people. In addition, Phyllis showed up to Vegas attempting to lure Adam back to GC, as did Cane, who wanted any information Adam had about his ‘cousin.’

For those in the dark, Katherine’s new will apparently left all her monies or a vast majority of it to Cane, not Devon. Yes, that has left Devon, Cane and Jill Abbott at a loss for words. Cane has been communicating with Chance via text and planned a secret meeting, but it was during that meeting where Cane was knocked unconscious by someone before being dragged away. This is good news in my opinion because Cane hasn’t had much a story lately, so this is a welcome change if you ask me.

In other GC news, Kyle and Lola are still relishing in the wedding bliss, just as it became clear that Theo is jealous of Kyle and Lola’s love. There is also buzz that Lola could be preggers, just as Summer continues roaming around town pinning for Kyle. Summer let it go; Kyle is married and has moved on from you. This storyline has become stale quite fast and I’m over it.

Victoria has reclaimed her position at Newman despite Victor briefly taking it away from her. However, we still have another battle for Jabot, this time involving Billy and Kyle. Look, I am so over the battle for Jabot; if it wasn’t Jack and Ashley, its Billy and Jack, and this is just never-ending mayhem that I am over. Chelsea was getting glimpses of Connor dark side emerging as he refused to abide by his mother’s request. Of course, we know where this is headed, as it will draw Adam back to GC.