UNITED STATES—What the hell is this craziness America? A petition to change the official date of Halloween which is October 31 to the last Saturday in the month of October sounds ridiculous. I mean the thought that this is even a thing has me laughing thru my teeth.

For years, and I mean years, Halloween has always been on the last day of October. To just change that because people think it’s better for kids is laughable. I mean Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday in November, New Year’s is always January 1, Labor Day is always the first Monday in September.

I mean should we just change Thanksgiving, New Year, Labor Day and any other holiday that doesn’t fall into the realm of what we want. I’ve been hearing talk for years, and I mean years that Super Bowl Sunday should be a national holiday. Are you got damn kidding me? It’s a damn football game; this isn’t Martin Luther King Jr. people! It’s not Veterans Day, hell no, the Super Bowl should not be a holiday. Point blank, if you plan to party, take a personal holiday or vacation so you’re not going into work hungover or stressed.

The notion of Halloween being some random day each year because of a possible change is just stupid. For years, you just adjust your schedule. If it’s a Monday, it’s a Monday, if it’s a Friday, so be it. Kids don’t care what day Halloween falls on, as long as they get the opportunity to get candy and dress in costumes. The same applies for adults minus the candy aspect. So let’s say we were to change the official date of Halloween, what happens to October 31? Does it just become another day? Will you still have people celebrate it as the official date of Halloween?

I sense the latter people; you cannot just drop bombs like that and expect the world to cave into them because you want them to. The world does NOT operate like that. For all those people out there trying to change the date of Halloween, go find something better to do. How about you try fighting to end poverty? Childhood hunger, racism, discrimination, sexism, homophobia, things that actually impact society on an everyday basis!

This is just another problem with some Americans: they have way too much free time on their hands and don’t have an idea on what to do with their idle time. Halloween has been October 31 for years, decades, perhaps centuries, who in the world says we want to change things now as we enter 2020? Halloween has been October 31 forever, and to just change it because someone has an idea is just utter lunacy.