Channing Tatum Buys Historic Home

BEVERLY HILLS—Actor Channing Tatum has just closed on a $6 million Beverly Hills home.

Tatum, known for his work in films such as “Magic Mike” and “21 Jump Street,” is the latest show-biz phenom to move into the gated Beverly Hills property.

Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum is the newest star to call this Beverly Hills property home.

Since the 50s, the house has been handed from one performer to the next, beginning with “Starsky & Hutch” star David Soul and “Star Wars” actress Carrie Fisher, known for her role as Princess Leia.

Fisher, who is slated to appear in Disney’s newest “Star Wars” trilogy, lived in the house from 1984-1994.

Prior to Tatum, the property was owned by Robert Sneider, who had originally listed the home at $7 million before agreeing to sell to Tatum for $6 million.