HOLLYWOOD—Look November sweeps is hot right now on “General Hospital.” The soap is really delivering in the drama department. For starters, Alex Devane returned to town and caused all sorts of chaos in just one week people. I mean, she kidnapped Anna, kidnapped Valentin and then placed them in a building set to explode. She shot Finn in the chest, kidnapped a pregnant Maxie and then got into a gun battle with her sister, Anna.

In the midst of that gun battle, Anna shot her sister and things were not looking good to say the least. Alex pulled a guilt trip on Anna about Peter before she jumped into the waters. So is Alex dead? Well we did not see her take her last breathe America, and in the soap arena that means she could very much still be alive. I’m still surprised the writers didn’t have Alex just come out and say that Peter was her son, but it seems that Maxie will pose that inquiry after getting that little hint from Alex.

With that said, it feels like the Peter will be exposed narrative is being placed on the backburner temporarily, but Dante did get his hands on files from Peter’s computer that has him worried. So while Anna and Valentin plan to keep quiet over the fact that Alex is Peter’s mother, Dante plans to expose the dirty business. Other mayhem transpiring is Julian seeing the walls close in on him involving Wiley and Nelle.

Yeah, and his undoing was going after Taggert. Yes, Julian and Ava are aware that Taggert is alive, and it sent Ava into a whirlwind worried sick about the potential demise of her brother. I mean if Ryan not being stabbed in the back courtesy of Cyrus wasn’t enough, she is worried that Sonny has connected the dots (he has) about Julian, Wiley and Nelle.

Julian barked back that if his foe didn’t back down, he’d let Cyrus know that Taggert is still alive and breathing. Yeah, it looks like the tale is pointing to Julian headed out of Port Charles real soon, and another character maybe exiting too is Lulu Spencer. This threw me for a loop when the news was first announced mainly because Dante had just returned to town and her relationship with Dustin was blossoming.

With that said, that warning Jason gave Lulu about Cyrus, the fact that she decided to publish that piece against Peter’s wishes and the news that Laura Webber, who has been MIA on the soap returned this week cannot be a coincidence. I feel like a tragedy for the Spencer family is in the near future and I’m not ready for it. Cyrus issued a threat to Lulu this week, as well as to Nina, so that cannot be good America.

The good thing is that we’re learning more about Cyrus. He’s sending money like clockwork to a mystery medical patient on a consistent basis, and Jordan and Curtis have a lead to possibly take Cyrus down, with the help of Portia. Something tells me this mystery party is the reason that Cyrus has a vendetta against Laura and her family people. At that safe house, Curtis and Jordan were surprised to find Laura at the place looking for evidence against Cyrus, details about a former Port Charles case that rattled Laura who warned someone they have a problem. Start thinking what could have transpired in the past that has Cyrus out for blood from the Spencer clan people.

Finn is clinging for life, and Jackie has alerted Gregory, Finn and Chase’s father of the dire situation. This raises a question I wanted to know: could Finn be Chase’s father? I would be a welcome twist in this tale people. Chase was an emotional mess with Anna, Willow and Brook Lynn where he spilled the dirty truth about that fake tryst with Sasha to help Michael win custody of Wiley. People this is a game changer and we’re seeing Brook Lynn get all the juicy secrets; remember she still knows that Ned cheated on Olivia.

Sam has called Alexis out on her drinking in a dramatic way and issued an ultimatum, get help or you’ll never see your grandchildren again. It was a devastating blow for Alexis, but it seemed even tougher on Sam if you want me to be honest America. Just when you think the drama is simmering a bit on “General Hospital” it keeps ramping up.