HOLLYWOOD HILLS—After a torrent of interviews on various talk shows, Charlie Sheen’s soon to be ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, went to court on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 1, and filed a restraining order. Mueller stated that Sheen had threatened her life and that she was concerned about his mental well-being and the safety of their twin sons, Max and Bob. At the time, the two boys were under the care of Sheen and his two girlfriends, whom he calls his “goddesses.” Sheen has stated publicly that he has passed a drug test and that Mueller would be unable to do so. However, in the late night hours of Tuesday, Mueller’s representatives and L.A. County authorities, including police and child protective services, arrived at Sheen’s home and asked him to hand over both of his sons. In the order of protection, Mueller states that Sheen allegedly told her, “I will cut your head off, put it in a box and send it to your mom!”

Sheen followed the court’s instructions and told NBC’s “Today Show” on Wednesday morning, “I didn’t fight the authorities. I did what I was asked to do. But right now I do not know where my kids are and I want them safe, and they are not safe if they are with their mother. No one has told me where they have taken my boys.” Sheen was interviewed alongside his attorney Mark Gross from the firm Brot and Gross in Sherman Oaks.

Also on Wednesday, media outlets erroneously reported that Sheen had taken custody of his twin daughters from their mother, actress Denise Richards. However, a representative for the actress stated that she still had custody of the girls and had no plans of turning them over to anyone.

Charlie Sheen has been in an epic battle with CBS Television and Warner Brothers Studios for weeks now. It was reported that Sheen was sent to an L.A. hospital several weeks ago with abdominal pains after a night of partying with porn stars. CBS immediately shut down production of Sheen’s number-one rated sitcom, “Two and a Half Men,” and Sheen went into a self-imposed rehab, stating, “I will do rehab in my own home.” After a few weeks, Sheen reportedly went on a trip to the Bahamas and then returned and gave a series of interviews both on radio, online and on television.

One of the shows included “Piers Morgan Tonight” on CNN, where Sheen chastised his bosses at CBS and admitted that he was in a battle against his show’s executive producer/co-creator Chuck Lorre, and stated on more than one occasion, “I am a winner. I am a warlock, I will fight. CBS and Warner Bros are trying to destroy my family and I have children to take care of, and I don’t plan on sitting back and allowing it.”

On Monday, CBS president Les Moonves was shown on videotape during a shareholders meeting stating, “Too bad Charlie didn’t go on the talk show circuit to try to lobby for an Emmy.” The tension between Sheen and the CBS honchos reached a fever pitch by Tuesday morning, when the star, who is reportedly making over $2.5 million per episode, went on a marathon of network shows from “Good Morning America” on ABC to NBC’s “Today Show.” Then he went on Radar Online and made further disparaging remarks about Lorre.

Sheen contends that he’s going to demand a $30 million renewal fee for his contract in order to return to work, which has been effectively canceled by CBS, who subsequently suspended production of the show’s final four episodes. Sheen also stated that co-star Jon Cryer and others involved with the series are not being supportive of his efforts or of him, but that he’s negotiated and demanded that the crew be paid for the time the show is shutdown. “I intend to make sure the crew is paid, then the other actors, then myself, in that order,” said Sheen to Piers Morgan.

Dr. Carole Lieberman, a famed Beverly Hills-based psychiatrist, tells Canyon News exclusively, “I have observed Sheen’s behavior and I believe he may no longer be using illegal drugs, such as cocaine, or even drinking. His bizarre behavior can be described as manic, perhaps an underlying manic depressive illness triggered or exacerbated by his overindulgence in drugs and alcohol. Or, it could possibly be an external cause. Some medication he’s been prescribed, maybe? Whatever it is, he desperately needs to be hospitalized immediately and monitored at a psychiatric facility. However, I do not believe he’s as hopelessly mentally ill as others have stated. When I watched him this morning [Wednesday] on ”˜The Today Show,’ Charlie was very calm, very alert, and there is no way a person who is seriously mentally ill could calm themselves down from such a manic uncontrollable state on their own. He may well have been prescribed a psychiatric medication. He can be treated for whatever he may have, possibly a borderline personality disorder. He is, I believe, a sex-addict, and perhaps all of the drugs he’s used in the recent past have triggered this euphoric disorder he’s battling. But when he spoke to his boys through the cameras this morning, that was real. I actually empathize with Charlie and feel sorry for him.”

When asked about Charlie’s estranged wife, whom the doctor has written about and refers to as a ‘bad girl’ in her book, “Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets,” the psychiatrist stated, “Brooke is also an addict. She’s also not in a good place, I believe, and the kids should probably not be with her either. This is something both Charlie and Brooke can be treated for, but hopefully they will start to communicate with each other.”

The order of protection requires Sheen to stay 100 yards away from Mueller and their twin sons.