HOLLYWOOD—Man, I have the slightest idea of where I should start with “General Hospital.” So much mayhem has transpired since we last spoke, so it’s only fitting to pick up where we left off. First, Michael and Nelle are married, but it was a hell of a wedding where Carly managed to escape Ferncliff by drugging Nurse Mary. Gosh, I love Carly Corinthos; the woman is a warrior who will go to extreme lengths to get what she wants and to protect her family if she feels they are in danger.

Unfortunately, Carly was hauled back to Ferncliff and this time Nurse Mary drugged her so much it put her in a state of absolute daze. Time is ticking for Carly, so this plan of Michael’s needs to start moving at a rapid speed. Speaking of Michael, his level of deception against Nelle is genius. Nelle really thought she had the upper hand for months, but that was until she realized that Michael wanted a will and dropped hints to cause paranoia to run rampant in Nelle’s mind. How so? So much to the point that Nelle has been relying on Chase for guidance to navigate murky waters

Chase has put on the charm 100 percent; it is almost as if he and Nelle never went their separate ways. I mean they shared that steamy kiss, which Josslyn (of all people) spotted. Yeah, Michael was taken aback by that revelation, especially when Josslyn informed her older brother of the situation. Michael brushed it off, but Nelle was caught and she started to unravel. Michael has become distant, he is carrying secret conversations and Nelle is really starting to rely on Chase more and more, even though he is working overtime to ensure he has a rock solid case to take down his nemesis at all costs.

There is one slight problem: Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan. Neither are happy with Michael’s predicament, especially considering they fear Michael could be placing himself in harm’s way. I have to agree, because Nelle is underestimating Jason Morgan. She’s gone to battle with Sonny and Carly, but Jason is a different beast. He’ll take you out without anyone ever realizing it.

Liesl Obrecht has been nabbed. Yes, this silly storyline involving the kidnapping of Peter has concluded for now. I didn’t think it was that interesting to begin with. Valentin, Maxie and Curtis were finally able to put the pieces together to realize that Obrecht was behind Peter’s disappearance. However, Nina had a conscience, and with the walls closing in on her, Obrecht clocked Franco with a bottle on the docks before setting the barn on fire.

She tried to run, but was caught by Jordan and Finn, while Valentin managed to rescue Nina who refused to leave Peter. Thankfully, Valentin and Finn worked together to rescue Peter, and it seems like the writers are planning a redemption arc for Peter to give him a pass for his actions. In essence, Maxie is warming up to him, and this entire fiasco may allow Valentin to re-enter Nina’s good graces because 1) He saved her life 2) He is helping her legal woes. All Peter had to do was blab Nina’s involvement, but he covered for her, so she owes him big time America.

Another hot tale worth discussing is the meeting of Drew and Margaux. Yes, we know Billy Miller and Elizabeth Hendrickson have worked alongside each other on “The Young and the Restless” and that instant chemistry was oozing off the TV screen as they chatted at the Metro Court. I like where this is heading “GH” and it looks like these two might share a past that is certain to surface in coming weeks. The bigger question on everyone’s mind is rather Nelle’s plan to kill Michael will actually transpire and if so, who will get caught in the crosshairs of this convoluted scheme?