HELLO AMERICA!—When hearing about a murder plot to kill mega-star “Cher” I decided to call my old friends to find out what the hell is going on. Since I’ve not only known Georgia, her mom since the 60s, as well as their very close friend, Jacquie Stallone as well, I knew I wouldn’t have any problem finding out what the real dish was. Then too, they all knew how “up front” I am and wouldn’t play any kind of tabloid games.

Well, it was my lucky day; when I called Georgia, and immediately expressed my reason for the call, she laughed and said, “Michael, it’s great to hear your voice, we haven’t talked since our last time in Palm Springs!” Then she said that I was in luck because, Cher had not been feeling well and she was there relaxing at the house. And I could speak with her directly.

Cher picked up the receiver and quickly acknowledged that she had heard about the rumors and story in the tabloid and assured me that she was and had not been in any kind of danger. The story involved a close associate giving her all sorts of pills was untrue. “I had a health problem like everybody else but I have a good doctor who takes care of me,” she insisted.

“After all, when you get older everything about you changes. Let’s face it, no matter who or what you are; age does make a difference in every way, especially if you’re a performer like myself. I’ve had to face certain realities and that’s the bottom line. Hell, I don’t like it but I’m not that young girl on the Sonny & Cher show anymore. Time took care of that.”

This story that there is someone in her life who is planning to kill her she claims is totally untrue. “My mom, the closest person to me, my sister and my sons are those I love and trust. They are aware of every move I make or plan to make in my life. However, like most families we have are ups and downs; we laugh, cry, wage war among ourselves like any other family but, no matter what, we love each other deeply! And we’re very protective of each other even though at times it doesn’t seem that way.”

Cher did acknowledge that her plans for another national tour was postponed until she felt that she was strong enough physically. “Being on the road takes a lot out of you,” she admitted. “So, I always make darn sure that I can keep things rolling along because when people come to see me they want to see a show they expected. And I don’t like disappointing all those people who have supported me through the years. After all, they too are my family.”