UNITED STATES—Last week we highlighted Sin City as a great place to vacation, and not just because of the Las Vegas bus tours. This week we take a look at a city, that is known for baseball, bright lights and being close to the water. Any guesses to what U.S. staple I’m referring to? Well its Chicago, yep the windy city is the perfect place for a quick getaway, rather it be in the summer, fall, spring or winter. Well, maybe not so much in the winter.

I tell this to people time and time again, it’s known as the windy city for a reason. When the wind strikes in the winter, it can be brutal, but it’s downright beautiful in the fall, spring and summer, it’s perfect for the scorching temps.Chicago isn’t quite New York, when it comes to the amount of traffic on the streets; but I will say the people walk and bike quite a bit in the city. You might also want to be aware of Chicago bus tours.

Visiting downtown Chicago is like a breathe of fresh air for many. From the many shops to wine and dine in, to the bevy of stores for the avid shopper, the city has plenty to offer. One of the great things I love about Chicago is the ambiance. Its one of those cities, where you arrive, you just feel good. The people are so nice, well most of the time and there’s just such a positive energy walking the streets to get to the Magnificent Mile (which is the place to be if you truly want to examine Chicago for all that it is).

The iconic Marilyn Monroe statue was a staple in the city, but has been since removed. Yes, indeed a sad loss, because it’s a perfect place for a selfie. A place to stop by is the famous Cheesecake Factory. Yes, I’ve frequented to the city solely to get a slice of the infamous treat. The wait could be a long one depending on the day of the week and the time of day that one chooses to venture to the popular restaurant. Who can forget the iconic Union Train Station that is a glorious piece of architecture that one has to take a triple look at to see it in all of its epic glory.

Bringing a camera to the city for those first timers is a must to capture the city in all of its essence.  An eatery that may be a surprise for many is Dylan’s Bar and Grill. It’s a little quaint restaurant that is notorious for its nachos. When I say nachos piled high, I mean high. It’s enough to feed 2 to 3 small children in some cases, depending on how big their appetite is.

I will admit a vacation to Chicago is best traveled by train, as you can easily arrive to your destination. Utilize public transportation as it makes getting around that much easier. I’m not a fan of driving around the city as parking is a nightmare, and some people drive like morons to say the least. The last thing you want while on vacation is to get into a fender bender. Chicago is the perfect escape for a one-day getaway or in some cases a well needed vacation from the chaos of daily life.