UNITED STATES—Everyone enjoys participating in fun festivities such as weddings, winter galas, family gatherings, and celebratory occasions. For some women, fun festivities mean that they can sport some of the hottest fashions by dressing in cute clothes and accessorizing their outfits. A popular accessory that is most adored is a pair of diamond earrings. Earrings are an outstanding accessory as they complement natural beauty, and enhance any outfit. To guarantee a stunning look, the color of the earrings must match the color of the outfit.

Earrings also come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes, so there is no shortage of earrings to choose to define one’s beauty. If you have a special occasion coming up and want to wear a pair of earrings to define your features and compliment the color and style of your outfit, it is necessary that you choose earrings that are sure to accentuate the shape of your face. If you are not sure how to choose earrings that are right for your face type, follow the recommendations outlined below for the best results.

1. Diamond Shaped Face: Round and Cushion Cuts

A diamond-shaped face has a forehead and chin of similar width, and the cheekbones are wide. Faces that are diamond shaped appear longer. If you find that you have a diamond-shaped face, you must avoid wearing earrings that have sharp angles and choose those that are more rounded and curve with your face’s natural angles. Round and cushion cut earrings are always your best bet.

There is a wide array of earrings you can wear if you have a diamond-shaped face. You can wear earrings that feature delicate accents as well as those that are shaped like mid-length tear drops. If you always want to play it safe, you can wear studs. Studs are perfect for any occasion, and you can find stud earrings that will match any outfit.

2. Round Shaped Face: Emerald and Princess Cuts

A face that is round is characterized by a wide forehead, a rounded chin, and full cheeks. In fact, the cheekbones are the broadest part of the face. If you have a round face, you must avoid wearing earrings that are too round as they will make your face appear too plump. Examples of earrings that you must avoid are those that are chunky or contain large studs. Your goal is to wear earrings to give your face a narrower appearance. Emerald and princess cut earrings are the most recommended for round faces as they make the face appear narrower.

Some ideas for earrings you can wear are those that are shaped like long teardrops, ovals or rectangles. Long and dangly earrings are also a perfect choice. Studs are excellent as they will go with any outfit and be suitable for any occasion.

3. Square Shaped Face: Round and Cushion Cuts

A square-shaped face has a boxy outline. The forehead, cheekbones, and chin are all the same width, but the jaw will have sharp angles. Square-shaped faces have minimal curves. If you find that your face is square shaped, you want to avoid wearing diamond earrings that have sharp cuts and angles. For square-shaped faces, earrings that are round or geometrically shaped are the best choice.

You can wear any earrings that contain circular-shaped studs or medium-sized hoops. Dangly earrings that are oval or circular shaped will also accentuate your face.

4. Rectangular Shaped Face: Princess, Cushion, and Asscher Cuts

Rectangular-shaped faces are like those that are square shaped. The difference between a square-shaped face and one that is rectangular shaped is that the rectangular-shaped face is more elongated. If your face is rectangular, princess, cushion and Asscher Cut earrings will be best for you to wear as they will give your face a more rounded appearance, and they will help to soften the angles a bit.

You have a wide variety of earrings you can choose from. Earrings that are delicately styled are great for any occasion. You can also wear earrings that are shaped like rounded drops, and pendent-shaped earrings that have a bit of length are fine as well.

5. Heart Shaped Face: Oval and Pear Cuts

A heart-shaped face typically has a chin that is narrow and delegate. The chin is pointed like that of a heart. Heart-shaped faces also have a pointed hairline. The cheekbones are the widest part of the face. If your face is heart shaped, it is essential that you do not wear earrings that will draw attention to your wide cheekbones. Instead, wear earrings that make your face appear more elongated. Oval and pear-cut earrings are highly recommended for individuals who have heart-shaped faces. Some examples of earrings that will accentuate your face well are pendulum earrings or those that are dangly with fancy designs.

To determine the shape of your face, pull your hair back and look in the mirror. While you are looking in the mirror, trace the outline of your face using either lipstick or soap. If you do not want to make your face messy with lipstick or soap, you can take a flexible measuring tape that is designed for sewing and measure the length and width of your face. If you find that your face is longer than it is wide, it is possible that you have an oval or rectangular-shaped face.

Of course, the way to tell the difference between the two is whether your face is rounded. Furthermore, if your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, then your face is either round or heart shaped. Your jawline and your chin will enable you to determine which is the case. If your jaw and chin are pointed and narrow, then you have a heart-shaped face. If your jaw and chin are round, then your face is also. If the length and width of your face are evenly proportioned, then it is highly likely that your face is square shaped. Once you have determined the natural shape of your face, you will be able to choose a pair of diamond earrings that will accent your features and enhance your appearance.