HOLLYWOOD—I was absolutely skeptical about where the writers for the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” were headed with the abrupt phony website scam involving Chelsea Newman-Lawson, but I love it now. Chelsea has been up to some shady dealings, and with Phyllis desperate to stick her nose in places where it does not belong, things started to boil over at the end of last Friday’s episode. Chelsea is good at covering her tracks, but when she is cornered she blurts out things that make her look guiltier, but she is honest when she does it.

Nick, skeptical about Chelsea asked Sharon and Phyllis to be listening ears. My biggest concern is both ladies still seem to have a torch for Nick, and Phyllis you are no damn saint. You have done more dirt than Sharon to be honest. So when Sharon shared some news, Phyllis got the goods to nail her opponent. However, with news of Nick and Chelsea’s engagement, Phyllis was steaming mad and ready to expose her nemesis, but Chelsea dropped a secret that has been looming on the soap for years: Christian’s paternity! Yup, at long last, the truth about Christian’s paternity is coming to light and I am ecstatic about it.

The fact that Chelsea and Victor have kept this secret for so long amazes me; and the fact that no one ever expected it is just as fascinating. However, Victor is doing his best to cover his tracks, and this is about to explode in both of their faces with Chelsea facing the worst backlash, but Nikki, Victoria and Nick himself will NEVER forgive the titan for keeping such a bombshell, that Adam is Christian’s father, not him. Billy did his best to convince Phyllis to let it be.

If you thought Nick finding out that the son that he has been raising is not his son, but his brother Adam’s is a tough pill to swallow. For once I agree with Billy, the fallout from this secret was bigger than Phyllis was willing to fathom. This week things got more chaotic with Sharon getting clocked in the head and placed into a coma. Yes, that did indeed happen, and while all fingers are pointed at Chelsea (she was the culprit), I never expected her to do such a thing. Chelsea is a lot of things, but a killer that is a bit of a stretch for me America, so to push her in this direction left me aghast to say the least.

Oh, another long held secret came to light America, involving the devious Hilary. Yes, as much as you want to believe that this woman has reformed herself, she always seems to do something that forces you to throw your hands up in the air. She was the catalyst behind that sexual harassment suit Cane faced involving Juliet, so when Devon stumbled upon that recording he was surprised, but not really. I was certain these two were close to reigniting their relationship, but this further proves that the choice Devon made nearly a year ago was the best decision he could have ever made. I mean Lily and Cane are in a great place, especially considering they just renewed their vows. Can you imagine how Lily will react upon learning this bombshell? I mean she has been cordial to her enemy, but this is likely to turn Lily and Hilary back to mortal enemies. Good luck Hilary digging yourself out of this grave.

Panic has indeed settled into Chelsea’s mindset, and she even made a run for it with little Christian in tow, but Victor came to the rescue, trying to cover his tracks. Or better yet, Chelsea’s conscious got the best of her and she left Christian at Victoria’s doorstep, just as Nick read that letter from Chelsea confessing all of her sins. However, the question of the hour that remains is when Chelsea will drop the bomb that Victor has known all along about Christian’s paternity and kept it a secret. This guy is a villain to the core, but he does indeed love his family, so good luck talking yourself out of this situation Mr. Newman. Just when I was ready to count out “The Young and the Restless” they prove me wrong!