HELLO AMERICA!—One of the most talented stars in Hollywood is definitely Christina Aguilera. She is worth over 130 million dollars and is still taking on any artistic challenge put before her. The only female panelist on “The Voice” television series, she makes her presence known as an independent woman who is accomplished and definitely knows and faces every door of reality when it comes to the business itself.

Her announcement that she would not be returning to the hit talent show next season was quite a surprise. Rumors quickly hit the gossip circles that she and Blake Shelton were not getting along very well since his romantic team-up with former “Voice” judge, Gwen Stefani. There seemed to be some validity to this when the backstage camera often captured their off-set sarcastic remarks between each other forcing Pharrell or Adam to quickly make light of whatever was being said.

Each week of the show, Aguilera and Shelton have managed to throw subtle digs at each other which do not come off as ones between good buddies simply having fun. There is definitely some resentment between the two stars, so much so it has led to Christina’s decision to make it clear this would be her last season on the show.

An insider on “The Voice’ has definitely let me know that if Christina feels threatened in any way, one will definitely feel the heat. ”She’s a diva through and through and she doesn’t mind letting you know,” the studio source reminded. “She and Blake were very close until Stefani came on the scene but after his divorce and Gwen’s return to the panel, things got pretty hot from that time on.” It was also inferred that when during Christina’s first appearance on her return and announced to Blake that she was the big one on the panel; typical of Blake, he smiled and jokingly agreed while the audience sat with their mouths open, enjoying every tabloid moment.

Without a doubt, Christina would like nothing better than continue her career as a film star. She has made it very clear that she loved starring in her first attempt in “Burlesque.” Even though the film received modest reviews, she loved the story; especially working with the likes of Cher who she said was “wonderfully warm and giving” at every turn. “She went out of her way, giving me suggestions when possible. I adore that lady,” she said.

It was made very clear that Aguilera has many choices in her future which will always include music in some way, shape or form. She is still very young and is receiving all sorts of film ideas including ones from cable production companies. “I have worked ever since I was just a kid; it is something which keeps me feeling alive and needed. Then too, I want to help other people, young and old who need support. Since I’ve been so lucky in my life, it’s important to share and to give back, especially when so many people have accepted me in their lives.”