HELLO AMERICA!—When you recognize genius in the arts, it is impossible to ignore it.  When I first became aware of Christopher Cavalier, I was viewing numerous films written, edited and produced by tons of young filmmakers who came to Hollywood to establish their cinematic mark. There were several which captured my interest story-wise, as well as the intent of respective character development within the storyline; drawing one into the film’s dramatic scope, framing the action and subtext, subtle revelations which, of course, allows one to understand why a character is reacting or feeling certain emotions in a specific scene of dramatic significance.  Cavalier’s film offerings exploded with dramatic, colorful, brittle sets of human reality.  He was definitely one filmmaker to keep an eye on.

Because Cavalier clearly understood what the demands of survival mode is today in this tough world of motion pictures and television production, he was determined to prepare himself for any and all possible production challenges with which he might have to face in the future.

“I got down to business,” he explained, “and learned much about multimedia videography, multimedia producing and the extraordinary creative and subtle tricks and magic one can create as a photographer.”  Because Christopher is so multi-talented and prepared for every phase of photography and film production, he is on call throughout California to produce documentaries for various city events, usually of historical significance.

“It’s become a passion of mine,” he offers, “because filming has opened new vistas of learning for me.  I see people as characters in a great play.  They all have their own personal intent, moving in directions which might give their lives a certain kind of importance, a meaning.  I view it all as a colossal, grand search for happiness, a hunger for understanding a reason for being who they are, a frantic search for human significance!”

Christopher proudly teams up with his other creative partner, Lionel Seals, Jr. who comprise “InsaneBuzz Productions.” They keep alive by taking on film assignments which, this year, included the MTV Movie Awards and the BET Awards shows.  Cavalier even took on a special film deal with the band “The Tubes.”  “I love it all,” he eagerly acknowledged, “people who represent who they are artistically, give dimension to what we represent in this sometime muddled, fascinating world we wake up to everyday.  I hunger and love exploration, ultimately discovery.  Hey, it gives life meaning and a tight-fisted assurance of actually knowing why there is a reason for being who we are.”