SANTA MONICA—Two Santa Monica establishments were issued citations for selling alcohol to minors the Santa Monica Police Department announced on Thursday, February 13.

Blue Plate Taco located on 1515 Ocean Avenue and Jimmy’s Famous Tavern located on 1733 sold alcohol to two underage decoys as part of Santa Monica’s Minor Decoy Program. SMPD’s Vice Unit conducted a decoy operation to ensure compliance at establishments with a liquor license. The unit made a visit to six different Santa Monica establishments.

The programs consists of a team of adults who supervise decoys under the age of 20 who attempt to purchase alcohol from licensed businesses.

Four other Santa Monica establishments used proper procedures as decoys attempted to purchase alcohol. The locations asked for the identification and age and refused to sell alcohol once the decoy was determined to be under 21. Del Frisco’s, Red O, Lowes Hotel and Le Merigot Hotel all conducted proper protocol.

The program has been used as a tool to promote responsible business practices in the sales of alcohol. According to the SMPD, the program helps reduce substance abuse and promotes community welfare by limiting underage access to alcohol. Any sales of alcohol to a minor can result in criminal and administrative sanctions for the employee who sold the alcohol and the licensee.

According to the California Department of Beverage Control, a business will have a legal defense in the case where an employee sells alcohol to a minor the employee showed good faith in checking an ID. The department also states that a business does have the right to refuse the sell of alcohol if a person cannot produce adequate evidence of age.

Canyon News reached out to SMPD for more information, but did not hear back before print.