UNITED STATES—Can you imagine how different the movie 1984 would have been if George Orwell wrote his “uncompromising vision of the future” during our modern era? If his EVERYMAN was the citizen of our future: treacherous criminals with parents who plain and simply did a bad job and now society is crippled by their inability, deviance, or criminality.

When he penned this cult classic, could he have imagined a world where the commonality of EVERYMAN was that each of them were raised to have absolutely NO respect for police or teachers? A culture where parents don’t respect their children, or themselves?

Children of these homes are growing into adults that are the reason streets are NO LONGER safe for our elderly OR children. Creating an atmosphere where schools are full of bullies and The American Society for the Positive Care of Children (SPCC) estimates 160,000 children miss school EVERY SINGLE DAY IN AMERICA BECAUSE THEY ARE SCARED.

As I replayed the trailer for 1984, the large TV screens made my mind scream: this ISN’T the educational system the government wants, it’s the one our children will be stuck with, simply because it’s MORE SAFE to stay home or in a militarily controlled atmosphere, than on our American streets.

That’s half of the problem with CHILD OBESITY, I am sure.

A society that teaches masses of children via TV screens will be the aftereffect of a culture that allows breeding without parenting. A culture similar to how Orwell feared: “every citizen is property of the state.”

If you consider receiving welfare or social security disability as being owned by Uncle Sam, it’s easy to see how Orwell’s vision IS HAPPENING. But I am pretty sure the government didn’t want to be sole provider for all the deadbeats in the world, especially those who want a check MORE than they want the child.

1984’s trailer shows a place “where terrorism is exploited by the state.”

I DON’T need to argue the fact that NOT ONLY are our borders easily breached, but the psyche of our country is broken and EVERYMAN citizens are sometimes corrupted with terrorist ideologies.

Unfortunately for us, the fear of totalitarianism has allowed us to become as Orwell predicted, a dystopic “not good place.” It’s not because of the government though, it’s because citizens have exploited their rights and now deviant cultures are PREVAILING!

Would George Orwell been able to imagine that instead of “a total surveillance society” being used as a tool to CONTROL people, it is a necessity to keep us SAFE? I would like to believe that if he knew the adverse effects due to the fear associated with his portrayal, he would have written things differently.

The movie itself is, after all, a perfect example of black and white “either or” thinking, (aka false dilemma): the belief that IF there is surveillance THEN it could only be for nefarious purposes, like spying on normal citizens.

To me it makes this tale ironic. It resulted in fear-mongering the thought of a “could be” police state, causing many to rebel against surveillance in our country. One could even say the THOUGHT POLICE made sure those fears were deeply instilled!

And the fear still perseveres, even though we increasingly depend on it to FIND criminals, and sometime provide the only evidence that STICKS.

The FACT remains. Streets are not safe for our children or elderly, so how do we encourage them to go outside and get fresh air? Violence, crime, greed, corruption, and exploitation are RUINING America. Too many social workers and police officers chasing their tax-sponsored tails because the laws do not evolve quickly enough, or weren’t correct to begin with.

A surveillance system utilizable by government employees and any citizen with a social security number, WILL FIGHT CRIME and make our streets TRULY SAFE.

BAD police, bad parents, bad neighbors, and BAD HUMANS will be caught and their practices FINALLY removed from society.

I propose that we need a surveillance system, ideally a collaboration between the US government and GOOGLE. As a matter of fact I CREATED THIS PETITION even though I have no faith that anyone has what it takes to stand up against this CRUMBLING society, and add your voice to mine in my endeavor to make America SAFE for my children AND yours.