MALIBU—The Malibu City Council voted unanimously during a closed session meeting on Monday, April 11 where they offered the position of City Manager to Assistant City Manager Reva Feldman from a field of strong candidates after a nationwide search, noted City Attorney Christi Hogin.

“Over the last 11 years serving the City, Reva has shown that she has the leadership skills, knowledge, strength, experience, and dedication to the community that Malibu deserves,” said Mayor Laura Rosenthal. “The Council looks forward to a seamless transition as Jim Thorsen retires and Reva takes the reins.”

According to a news release from the city of Malibu website, Feldman will take over the role on Tuesday, May 3, the day after current City Manager Jim Thorsen retires. He announced his retirement in February, 10 years from the date that he started his tenure as City Manager.

Feldman served as Assistant City Manager since 2010, watching the development and oversight of the city’s $30 million budget. During his tenure, he helped in the growth of General Fund reserves from $7 million to $20 million; and coordinated $50 million in debt issuance and was responsible for the City’s AA+/AAA bond rating.

He developed public/private partnerships; oversaw multiple nationally-recognized capital improvement projects including the acquisition and remodeled Malibu’s first City Hall building and a major renovation of the Malibu Library. Feldman was also responsible for overseeing all HR functions, helped strengthen the city’s online, broadcast and social media communications including the launch of a new website. In addition, he helped with emergency operations and response including establishing an Emergency Operations Center.