MALIBU—To aid emergency responders, the City of Malibu has installed a number of additional Beacon Boxes throughout Malibu this week. 

A total of 10 new metal Beacon boxes can be found from Corral Canyon to Paradise Cove. The boxes contain maps, flash drives with map files and other local information for out-of-area first responders to respond more effectively to emergency situations. According to the City, boxes will be installed at the base of canyon neighborhoods. The first emergency box was installed back on February 24. 

There is a plan to install a total of 47 boxes throughout the City of Malibu. The 2018 Woolsey Fire prompted this installation. Each box cost the city about $3,000 and the city has allocated about $90,000 to purchase them. 

“One of the problems identified after the Woolsey Fire was that out-of-town firefighting companies were unsure and hesitant to go up into some of the neighborhoods because they didn’t know if there would be a turnaround. It’s a risky endeavor, especially if you don’t know if there’s a turnaround for a big fire truck. They usually won’t. It’s too dangerous,” Susan Duenas, City of Malibu Public Safety Manager told Malibu Times. “The thought was to provide access to maps at the entrance to these neighborhoods. The maps show streets, turnaround places, hydrants, and other water sources including from private pools.” The boxes are intended to solve the problem of hesitancy to enter Malibu neighborhoods in a risky fire emergency.

The Beacon Boxes are securely locked and can only be opened by emergency personnel.