MALIBU—The Malibu City Manager provided an update to the Malibu City Council during the July 11 meeting on the Temporary Day-Use Impound Yard on the City-owned property at PCH and Heathercliff Road. The city of Malibu reported on its website, since the yard began operation on June 18, it has been used for 125 towed vehicles. There were no problems or concerns reported.

Lt. Chad Watters of the Malibu- Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station informing the City Council that the yard has been helpful to Deputies with traffic safety and parking enforcement, especially around Zuma Beach, Point Dume and Westward Beach.

Malibu started operating the new temporary day-use impound yard on the City-owned property at PCH and Heathercliff Road in June. During the first weekend, the lot was used to store nine towed cars. There were no problems or concerns reported.

The yard is meant to address the expected seasonal increase in illegally parked cars during the summer. It will enable the towing companies to tow away more vehicles per day that are illegally parked or pose a public safety hazard since they will not have to make a round trip to their regular impound yard in Thousand Oaks for each towed vehicle. The yard will be operated by two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department-sanctioned towing companies through October 3. It will be used exclusively for daytime use, with no overnight storage of vehicles.

City staff are working closely with the towing companies and the Malibu-Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station to monitor and address any issues. The towing companies carry oil pans and oil absorbents in case of any oil drippings. The city completed blush clearance. Temporary signs have been placed at the entrance of the yard on PCH and temporary privacy screens have been installed along the area of the lot being used to store towed vehicles.

On May 9, the Malibu City Council moved to allow a temporary day-use impound yard on City-owned property at Heathercliff Rd and PCH, which is needed to facilitate towing of illegally parked vehicles in Malibu. Vehicles parked illegally in front of fire hydrants, in traffic lanes, and blocking driveways impacts public safety, traffic mobility and the quality of life of the community. An urgency ordinance was needed so that the lot could be used during the busy summer beach season.

The location was chosen after the Public Safety Commission examined numerous other locations and properties, including Malibu City Hall, which cannot be used by large flatbed tow trucks due to the steep driveways. The ordinance only allows the temporary impound yard to be used this summer daily between Memorial Day, May 30, and October 3 to minimize the impacts on surrounding neighborhoods and the environment. The ordinance requires the use of the lot to end on October 3.

A temporary day-use impound yard in Malibu will allow Sheriff-approved tow operators to store towed vehicles temporarily until they are claimed or transferred to their regular impound yards in Thousand Oaks. Not having to make a round trip to Thousand Oaks for every vehicle greatly increases the number of illegally parked