SANTA MONICA—Santa Monica Cultural Affairs team is implementing a new model where projects will be paired and produced in collaboration with a production partner. A key goal of the new model is to further build an ecosystem of support for artists and projects, offering learning, networking, and opportunities for artists to work across sectors. It will help build capacity and sustainability among local arts producers, with the goal of providing additional community access to artistic experiences.

The Santa Monica Art Recovery Initiative since 2020 has received over 200 project ideas and funded 24 artistic works and creative projects that have employed over 100 artists. The city of Santa Monica reported in a press release that the projects transformed some of the city’s iconic landmarks and public spaces into vibrant works of art.

Santa Monica has announced six production partners that will kick off the first quarter of 2022. The group ranges from business improvement districts and neighborhood associations to art organizations, and includes:

-Downtown Santa Monica – Manages the property-based Business Assessment District in downtown and works with the City of Santa Monica to manage services and operations in the area, promoting economic stability, growth and community life.

-Ocean Park Association – The neighborhood association in Ocean Park working closely with the Main Street Business Improvement Association.

-Montana Avenue Merchants Association – The business improvement district that represents the businesses on Montana Avenue spanning ten blocks and over 150 shops and storefronts.

-18th Street Arts Center – The largest artist residency in Southern California, supporting artists from around the globe with studio facilities at the Santa Monica Airport and at 18th and Olympic.

Other partners to facilitate the production and documentation of Art of Recovery projects selected include:

-Community Arts Resources – Cultural event producers that create unique experiences where art, culture, community, and civic life collide.

-Halline Overby – A contemporary content creator with a diverse background in videography (shooting, editing) photography, directing, graphic design, podcast production, and social media.

Santa Monica aims to do another call for production partners this year and once the first round is under way.  Project Concept applications are being accepted on a rolling basis and artists, arts and non-arts organizations are invited to submit a Project Concept that ties into one of the initiative’s four goals: Economic Recovery; Racial Justice & Cultural Equity; Wellbeing & Public Health; and Community Connectedness. Project Concepts can be submitted online at

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